Real Life Saturday (Episode 07)

Hiiii. So this post is kind of late (in the day? yeah) because this week has been just crazy for me. And I didn’t start drafting this post until literally this morning…which I don’t usually do. Heh. A planner, this girl is. And an intense plotter of stories, but that’s another topic for another time. In short, this week has been awesome. And since we last chatted, I hope you guys have been doing great as well. 

For KING & COUNTRY’s cover of Out of the Woods. Like, what even. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL I’M WEEPING. (Also, can I borrow those orchestra chimes? Pwease?)

Basically my Narnia pin board. Like…my parents just installed a wardrobe in their bedroom and my dad said to me and my sister, “Now don’t go climbing inside of it, okay? The structure of the bottom isn’t strong enough.” (This was a serious, straight-faced instruction. Our dad literally has to tell us this. DON’T ACT LIKE YOU DON’T KNOW WHY.)

My gorgeous little art notebook (pictured above with the whale sketch.) THIS NOTEBOOK is so cool. First of all it’s unlined paper which is a smashing invention, and second, it has like…a papyrus consistency?? (I’m so good at describing things.) Anyway it’s soft and cuddly and it makes me want to do all the art. 

We all have the DNA of God. Like literally every single one of us. God has created us in His image and made us new creatures through his death and resurrection. What does this mean? It means that even if we don’t know everything (however much we’d like to) we still have that feature that makes everyone look twice and be like, “lol i thought that was Jesus who just walked by.” When the prodigal son came home, he didn’t know how the father ran his house, his estate, his life – but the son had all the same authority as the father. He had the rings, the robes, the sandals. Even if he had no idea why, he still had them. He still had the same power. We have the same power. 

View From A Blue Moon. Or was that last week? idek. BUT OMG YOU GUYS. I don’t care if you’ve never seen/don’t like/detest surf movies* BUT YOU’LL LOVE THIS ONE. Literally my eyes hurt after watching this thing. IT WAS THAT BEAUTIFUL. The cinematography is just…it should not be legal. IT SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE SO FREAKING GORGEOUS IT’S NOT RIIIIIIIGGGGHT. Oki I’m done. For now.
* Surf movies are not theatrical movies about surfing – they are usually 60-90 minute films that document surf trips with too many pretty waves and groovy music. AKA: the stuff you see on the TV above the checkout counter in Ron Jon.

These chimes. So like…I want them. And I’m broke. #why

That I should stretch more after an intense workout. Literally THREE DAYS LATER my poor hamstrings are still complaining. But I almost like being sore?? idk it’s weird but yeah. It makes me feel like I did something epic with my body.

Being able to show my grandmother where to buy my song on iTunes. Like…that’s just cool I don’t care who you are.

Doing an epic photoshoot with my cousin. Yep, that gorgeous girl in the red dress is my fabulous cousin. She’s also very brave because the day we took those photos was flipping cold. Don’t be deceived by the yummy warm sunshine. IT WAS COLD. But it was so much fun. (Macro shot creds to my awesome sis who is an amazing photographer fyi.)

That time I FINISHED MY STORY. Okay so I call it just a “story” because it’s fanfic (yeaaaaah let’s hear it) but it’s like…novel-length (87,000 words.) I JUST GET CARRIED AWAY, ALRIGHT? Anyway, I’m happy with how it came out and I always tell my fam that, hey, it’s inspiring me to write actual mystery books! SO CHEER UP.

Oh nothing just an exclusive interview with yOUR FUTURE QUEEN, CAIT. EEEEEP I’m so serious guys and SO EXCITED OMG. Cait is amazing and such an inspiration to me and if you don’t already follow her blog um you need to do that right now. SO YEAH that’s happening on Tuesday, which means NFLKAMSDKLNI.

Reading more blogs. GUYS, I HAVE A PROBLEM. My problem is (it’s really weird hold on) when I comment on blogs, I TALK TOO MUCH. Like, have you ever noticed how HUGE my comments usually are?? IT’S NOT GOOD. Well it’s good if you like it, but because I talk so much in comments, it takes me like an hour to comment on three blogs. YEAH I KNOW RIDICULOUS. So I’m gonna try and not blab forever and hopefully this will help me to visit more of you guys’ awesome spaces.

The big bad January playlist. Still not sure what this month’s theme is going to be, but I’ll think of something. Worst case, I can just cause a DIVERSION! with my wealth of Edmund Pevensie GIFs and everyone will be too distracted to notice the lack of music. Yep.

What have YOU been up to this week? Swooning over anything? Finding anything cool? Have you ever seen a surf “movie?” If not, you should totally watch View from a Blue Moon ASAP. What about meditations? What made YOU happy this week? And are you as excited for the interview with Cait as I am??? FKSMDKLNA. And last but not least, what cool stuff is happening next week?



  1. you guys are so cool--a photoshoot in the snow?!? that's awesome

    1. Ahh thank you so much, Rachel! It was pretty awesome, but sooo cold. x)

  2. first of all I LOVE YOUUU FLKSNFLKS.
    Like I love your posts and I missed them because I'm a horrible person and I get so behind and I cry. dude I KNOW what you mean by papyrus-y. And I love it. Unlined paper is life. Why are there not more unlined notebooks *cries*. Just listened to King & Country's Out of the Woods cover and am now currently listening to all their music ever. Beautiful humans. OKAY OKAY EMERGENCY. I DON'T HAVE ITUNES DOWNLOADED AND IVE TRIED TO FIND A WAY TO LISTEN TO OR PREVIEW YOUR SONG AND I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO ANYWHERE HELPPPPP I NEED IT SLDKFJSDLKFJ. I'm a wreck. Just kidding I'm outwardly composed but inside I'm running around in circles squealing something about a mirror girl?? So pls send help. Also, just found Cait's blog. WOOOW. So yeah I'm following and ridiculously excited for the interview. SAME DUDE. SAME. I have the same problem which is why it's such a huge undertaking to even start commenting on someone's blog cause I always have too much to say. Pls never feel pressure to shorten your comments on my blog they make me the happiest person. YAY ready for another playlist and Edmund gifs. Edmund is just <3 <3 <3 <3 So are you. And I love your pictures and yeah. K bye..
    PS! I finally replied to your comment on my come at me bro post ;)

    1. FIRST OF ALL I LOVE YOU BACK, BRO. yaaaaaay you know what I mean when I say it's like papyrus-y. ♥ YUS IT IS LIFE. And idk it's just wrong there should be more unlined notebooks in the world. THE WORLD NEEDS UNLINED NOTEBOOKS. And love. That too. xD ASJSNKJNDA SO HAPPY OMG. For King and Country are some of my favorite dudes ever omg. ♥ They are beautiful people (especially Joel's face i melt. #sidenote) So their song "Priceless" is like one of the best, just fyi.

      OHHHH NOOO WHATTT? Well on my website ( there's a YouTube video embedded on the homepage with the official audio, so you can listen to it there... it's also for sale on Amazon Music, Google Play, and it's on Spotify. So hopefully one of those methods works!! :D

      EEEEE YES CAIT IS AWESOME OMG. And her blog is just goals. UGH THANK YOU FOR THAT. I don't so much feel obligated to leave a long comment as I feel competitive with myself?? I'm like, "Abbie, you can leave a more awesome comment than that." BUT I guess any comment I leave (of any length) is awesome. HAHA. xD "Edmund is just <3 <3 <3 <3" < YES SO MUCH TRUTHHH. squeak! EEEE GOING TO CHECK OUT YOUR FAB REPLY. :) thank you for the awesome comment, girl! WUV YOU TO BITS. ♥

    2. WAHHHHHHHHH OK I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABOUT TO LISTEN TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *goes in room* *slams doors* *wraps in blanket and flings self in chair with laptop* I'M READY.

      First of all that was amazing. Second of all, your voice makes me want to scream... except like in a good way because it's so unbelievable. Asldkfj. <me trying to be professional by capitalizing the first letter. THIRDLY, THE LYRICS. *tries to breathe* So. Real. And. So. Good. I feel like a freaking supernova. You are an absolute wonder. FOURTH. I like legitimately have a song stuck in my head right now that MY BLOGGER FRIEND WROTE!!!?!!! WHAT!!! I hate to use this again but you are legitimately blowing my mind, you beautiful human you. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  3. I hadn't even seen your post yet and my sister had it pulled up and was quoting you while we were eating lunch - specifically this part

    "(This was a serious, straight-faced instruction. Our dad literally has to tell us this. DON’T ACT LIKE YOU DON’T KNOW WHY.)"

    Lol, I die.

    This week I have been to busy doing paperwork (for work, for passport, UGHHHH) and being stressed and having emotions to get anything else done! I spent today cleaning and getting passport photos done and later on I'm making tortellini for dinner. Yums, but also yikes! I am needing some a) relax time and b) church time, except not in that order. Luckily I have both coming up tonight and tomorrow! Like I don't even have thoughts just let me sit down with a book. also worship. but not at the same time.

    :p whew! frazzled today.

    1. OMG SO I'M LIKE FDNKLSLKSING BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING AND YOUR SISTER QUOTING ME OMG I'M WILTING IN HAPPINESS. ♥ okay i'm gonna be okay i think... UGH YEP I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. I, too, am super frazzled and it's like mY BoDY NEeDS sOMe DoWN TiME aND JusT ReLAXatioN PlZ THX. xD Tortellini sounds yummy. ^.^ "...just let me sit down with a book. also worship. but not at the same time." < HAHA yes that sounds like it would be hard to multitask. LOVE YOU GIRL ♥ I hope you get to do all the restorative things this week!!

  4. Hahaha, that's so great about the wardrobe oh my gosh xD

    I LIKE BEING SORE TOO!!! I don't know why but I really do kind of like it. Like, I'll complain about it BUT I ACTUALLY LIKE IT. I'm so sore today bc we were doing all these lifts with my little sister yesterday WHICH GRANTED SHE'S TINY SO IT SHOULD BE FINE BUT I HAVE NO MUSCLE SO IT WAS PAINFUL.

    Also your comments are fabulous so you should definitely not shorten them. Unless you have to. In which case I understand that xD

    1. XD THANKS GIRL. It was pretty funny omg. "Like, I'll complain about it BUT I ACTUALLY LIKE IT." < omg yes me too! It's also really funny to do exercises that look so freaking easy and you're like, "Pssh, I can do thaaaat.." but then like, 20 seconds into it you're like, "OMG DYING." xD AW I WILL WRITE LONG COMMENTS JUST FOR YOU DEAR. (is that unfair? pssh WHO CARES. I CAN DO A "PICK YOUR LENGTH" SYSTEM. ha.) Thanks for reading, Grace Anne!

  5. Hahahaha, I LOVE that your dad knew he had to tell you not to climb in the wardrobe. Seriously though, who wouldn't at least once?

    1. XD HE KNOWS US SO WELL. It was ridiculously great. Thank you for reading, Lydia dear!! ♥


    “lol i thought that was Jesus who just walked by.” I snorted. I snorted so hard and then I laughed and laughed and laughed. It's perfect :') And it makes me think of all the times I see dudes who look like the stereotypical depictions of Jesus and I'm giving them the side eye like, "Is this the second coming?"

    I have never watched a surf movie. But I like looking at waves, so I probably should. I'm definitely adding A View From A Blue Moon to my list of things I plan on watching.

    May I just say that the pictures on this post are actual #goals? So pretty. So fabulous. So...aesthetic. I especially love the one of the shoes! As for talking too much, dude, I disagree. Long, personal comments are the best! So is that sketch of the whales.

    ALSO THE WARDROBE COMMENT. I'm cackling. It makes it so much more tempting like, "What are you hiding from me, Father?"

    I love the vibe of this post! :D


    1. ASHLYYNNNNN!!! *screams and dogpiles you* AAHAH GIRL I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKED THAT. and omg afknsnsdv now I'M snorting over that second coming comment like oh my word xD I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN THO. And then you just like snap a pic and #jesussighting. Yess, definitely check out View from a Blue Moon. It's so pretty. But I already exhausted that topic. xD Aww, well THANK YOU. I TRY. (with the photography, the comments, the drawings...EVERYTHING.)

      "It makes it so much more tempting like, "What are you hiding from me, Father?" < LITERALLY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN. thanks so much for reading and commenting, girl! ♥

  7. OMGGGG I'M EXCITED THAT YOU ARE EXCITED. SO WE'LL JUST SIT HERE IN MUTAL EXCITE, YES?!?! Eeeeep. :') And I think I saw Kate share a trailer for that surfing documentary and I watched it and ERMAGERD why don't I live in Hawaii?!?!? seriously why am I not a surfer. I need. I neeeeeed. Anyway least to say I want to watch the rest of the documentary and I might've watched a few things on youtube about this John John bloke who is adorable btw, I'm just going to say, and how has he been surfing since he was like a baby. Zomg. When I was a child I just loafed around. SOME PEOPLE ARE SO TALENTED.
    Also, your dad is probably wise to tell you to stay out of the wardrobe. I WOULD BE TEMPTED TOO. FOR REAL.
    Also your uber long comments give life. ;D Never be sorry for them.

    1. DUDE YESSSS I'M SO EXCITED I CAN'T EVEN. CANN'TTT EVEENNNN. It's going to be awesome. ^.^ "why don't I live in Hawaii?!?!? seriously why am I not a surfer." < The two questions I ask myself on a daily basis. LITERALLY I DO NOT UNDERSTAND OKI. eeeeep SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT AND JOHN JOHN IS AMAZING RIGHT. Like the pipes he can get out of man... *geeks out* okay okay okay i'm okay. "When I was a child I just loafed around." < HEY LOAFING IS PART OF THE CREATIVITY DEVELOPMENT PROCESS. At least...that's what I tell myself. Heh.

      Yes Father is very wise. x) And AWAH I MELT. THANK YOU. ♥ I'm not sorry then I take it all bach. EEEEEEEEEEP YOUR COMMENTS ALWAYS MAKE ME SMILE SO MUCH IT'S RIDICULOUS. wuv youuu.




    Also, I adore your long comments. BUT I totally understand. I do the same thing. XD And just sayin I tooooootally get you on wanting to feel sore because it feels like you did something epic with your body. XDDDD YUP.

    What I've been up to this week--well, soaking in 2016, nannying, hanging out with my sis and her fiance, totally winning at the game Peanuts, and we went to a wedding today which was kind of weird because it's weird when your friends start getting married. O.o

    Swooned over: The Hound of Heaven. I am lame and did not read the original (though now I want to) but I watched this cool modern adaption of it and now the idea of it just keeps running around in my head. Also 1 Peter 4:19.

    Cool things I found... uhhhhhhhhhhh can't think of anything, actually.

    I have not ever seen a surf movie.

    Meditating on... well, 1 Peter 4:19. Also the Bible study I'm doing on Revelation has produced some awesome thoughts. Also just thinking about growing up, the difference between surrendering and letting go, and Isaiah 58:12. So much.

    What made me happy: I finished Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness finally. I liked it. :-D Also... thinking about Ninjago. Because Ninjago is awesome. And yeah.

    I'm excited for the interview! It'll be so funnnn.

    Cool stuff happening next week: I don't know. I'm sure I'll find out next week. XD

    1. AWWWWW OH MY GOSHIES GIRL YOU MAKE ME TOO HAPPY WHEN YOU SAY THESE THINGS. ♥ but yay i'm glad you like ^.^ Long comments are fun, but SO TIME CONSUMING! Like...idk I'll think of a good analogy by the end of this reply. oki so all the things you've been up to lately sound like so much fun!! Yeah friends getting married is weird. xD YOU NEED TO SEE SURF MOVIE. (s? eh just watch View from a Blue Moon because ACK) annnnddd imma have to go check out this 1 Peter 4:19. yumm.) Oooh was it good? I haven't played Sea of Darkness yet (just over here like WAAA WHEN IS MIDNIGHT IN SALEM COMING OUT? Blast you, platform transfers. xD) WUV YOU TO WITTOW BITS AND PIECES.

      oh, the good analogy. umm. like painting, maybe? PAINTING TAKES A WHILE. it's pretty in the end, but it takes. so. long. xD

  9. I always just love it when I see "real life saturday" posts show up in my dashboard feed XD
    "We all have the DNA of God". Literally love this so much, I never thought about it like that before! And you having a song on iTunes is literally SO COOL. What the what.
    AND CONGRATS ON FINISHING YOUR STORY. that's a whole lot of words, so congrats <3

    1. EEEEEE so that first line of your comment made my heart so happy. ♥ Yay, I'm so glad you liked that and yes it's very cool. Hehe. FUN THINGS, yo. Aw thank you that story took it's sweet time. UGH BUT HEY #WRITERSLIFE.

  10. Gorgeous photos, as usual ❤ {your photography is goals as fudge}


    ugh, i feel your sore pains, like we can be twins. i had 10 hours of dance yesterday so i was sore this morning and it got even worse after nearly 4 hours today of ballet, pointe, modern and jazz. rawr.

    eh, i always do long-er comments most of the time.

    next week i have.... nothing interesting. school. dance. homework. that's about it. {so far. i take it day by day}


    1. AW GIRL THANK YOU SO MUCH. ^.^ and eeeeep yes it's going to be amazing!! Can't wait for it. omg, 10 HOURS OF DANCE? That is hardcore, man. wow. YOU ARE EPIC. Hey, taking it day by day is the best. here's to living in the now! *clinks imaginary glasses of sparkly*

  11. FIRSTLY i'm in love with that notebook not even kidding it's perfect
    and then i'm freaking out on how beautiful that photoshoot with our cousin is, it's absolutely STUNNING.

    swooning over this post sigh xx

    1. JFHDJSKNVCK I TOTALLY MISSED YOUR COMMENT EARLIER. ugh how I wish Blogger would notify us when a new comment was posted. :P THANK YOU SO MUCH, LIZ! That means like, so much to me. EEEP. ♥


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