Top 10 Albums of 2015

End of year posts are fun. I think I’ve only done one. In my entire life. BUT HEY, what’s with all this dwelling on the past stuff, anyhow? Let’s do this thing now. Boom. BOOOOM. Since I’m such an incurable music nerd, I thought, “What would be more fitting than a post about my top favorite albums of 2015? Nothing, basically. Okay, so RULES. (We all hate them, but not when I make them. Ha.) Not all of these albums were released in 2015, but I found them in 2015 and since I go by the theory that the sun revolves around ME, (ha nope) I’m going to list them here. OKAY LET’S DO THIS THING.

(Oh and I'm also making all the album art in this post link to the corresponding album on Spotify for your listening pleasure. #perfectionisanart)

#10: Beneath The Skin by Of Monsters And Men

When I first heard that Of Monsters And Men released another album, I squealed. Their first album became a desk companion of mine – there is just something super special and unique about their music, their instrumentals, and their vocals. It’s like a cocktail of magic potions, or something. And this album is no different.

If you listen to no other songs on this album, listen to…Wolves Without Teeth or Human. Oh and Winter Sound is also gorgeous. 

#9: The Leaf Maker by Wickerbird

DOOONNN’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON WICKERBIRD’S MUSIC. Okay so you should but you shouldn’t because gAH! I might squeal. Loudly. I actually didn’t find this album until a few days ago, and immediately listened to the whole thing through. Wow. Best decision ever. There’s something other-worldly and chilling about this album. And the background sound effects of rivers, birds, and what sounds like an audiobook, are truly magical.

If you listen to no other songs on this album, listen to…Prologue, or the Maker of Leaves.

#8: Without Words: Synesthesia by Bethel Music

Ohhhh my goodness. Where to start. This album is lyric-free, but unlike other instrumental albums, the lack of words doesn’t take anything away from the music. It’s gorgeously composed, and takes me into another world when I listen to it. This album is sweeping, transcendent, and just beautiful. You can feel the spiritual rest mixed into every track.

If you listen to no other songs on this album, listen to…You Make Me Brave and Heaven’s Song.

#7: Classics, Vol. 2 by Two Steps From Hell

Um, can someone say EPIC? If you’ve never heard Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix absolutely tear it up on a dually-composed album, you have been seriously missing out. And if you like epic instrumentals (that don’t make you think of the movie that they’re from every other second) then you’ll cry when you hear this. LITERAL TEARS. I did. Sort of. #noshame

If you listen to no other songs on this album, listen to…Starfall. Omg listen to Starfall and cry. You’re welcome. (Oh and Atlas is also gah. Just saying.)

#6: Romantic Works by Keaton Henson

This. Album. I literally don’t need to say any more. Like I can’t, y’know? BECAUSE I HAVE NO WORDS. This is why piano and cello should just get married. I mean, they’ve been together forever, and yet somebody can’t take a hint? This album is gorgeous. And it’s also not long enough, so I usually listen to it three or four times in a row. No regrets.

If you listen to no other songs on this album, listen to…Elevator Song because CHILLS. Field and Petrichor are also insanely beautiful. 

#5: Alpha by Built By Titan

And now, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce one of the greatest dubstep artists/remixers I’ve ever encountered. Like, wow. When I first stumbled upon Built By Titan on Soundcloud forever ago, I immediately knew I’d found some GOLLLLDD. Like, ack. wow. I can’t do much beyond scream and jump around when it comes to this album. Crank up that bass and blast this child nice and loud.

If you listen to no other songs on this album, listen to…Collide and The Darkness.

#4: II by Capital Kings

It’s number four on my list for REASONS, people. It’s amazing. Like, I knew that Capital Kings were some of the best Christian dub artists of like all time, but I didn’t know their new album was gonna totally blow my mind. Like, I’m still picking up bits and pieces. Of my mind. It’s that good. I don’t even know what to say about it.

If you listen to no other songs on this album, listen to…Forever and Live for the Drop. Oh and their remix of This Is Not a Test is gaaaaaaaahwhaaaaat.)

#3: Rituals by Other Lives

DID I MENTION HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS ALBUM? NO? Ha. Y’all. Know me too well. I’ve only been swooning over this child for the past few months, and my darling sister got me the white vinyl of Christmas. And I screamed. Loudly. When I unwrapped it. Thinking that it was going to be a calendar. You know how I’m not even talking about the actual music on this album yet? Yes. That’s because I can’t. Oh my gosh. Just go listen to it and be quiet.

If you listen to no other songs on this album, listen to…Reconfiguration, Beat Primal, Fair Weather, and English Summer. (Oops I just listed like half the album, didn’t I? Oh well.)

#2: Little Giant by Roo Panes

Um. So. Like. I can’t even. First, let’s talk about how magical Roo’s voice is. I decided the other day that it has that sweet richness of a cello. The man’s voice is like a cello. It’s amazing. It’s beautiful. (He is beautiful, but I think that’s a side-note.) And now let’s talk about how deeply spiritual the lyrics of his songs are. Like, here I am wallowing in chills, and gah. I am done. I AM SO OFFICIALLY DONE. Just go listen and see for yourself.

If you listen to no other songs on this album, listen to…Indigo Home, Once, and Deeper Than Shallow

#1: Smoke + Mirrors by Imagine Dragons

YOU SAW IT COMING, DIDN’T YOU? As bias as I am when it comes to artists and bands, I had to be fair and hand the #1 spot to the album that I truly listened to the most. So there you have it. Smoke + Mirrors is definitely going down in history as one of my favorite albums ever. (Especially the deluxe version, which has a ton of singles from collabs and also some extra tracks and GAH.) It’s just perfect – loud, calm, happy, miserable, sorry, joyful, desperate, in love. Awesome.

If you listen to no other songs on this album, listen to…HOW DARE YOU. No, that’s not a song but like…I just gave this album first place, bros. Go check out the whole thing. My favorites (see what I did there?) are: I Bet My Life, I’m So Sorry, Polaroid, Gold, and Dream

What about you? What are some of YOUR favorite albums of 2015? Or they could be albums that you discovered in 2015, because I cheat (shhh!) Have you heard any of these albums/songs? If not, what are you waiting for???



  1. CAPITAL KINGS. CAPITAL KINGS. I jam out to "Live for the Drop" and "Northern Sky" ALL THE TIME.


  2. The new Of Monsters and Men album was my whole soundtrack for this year, I listened to it about a million times and squeezed out as much as I could out of it. I was so excited to see that you put it on this awesome list. Now I have so much music I need to check out! And can I just say all of this album cover art... <3 on point. I have a weakness for minimalistic, pretty covers for things.

    1. Yesss, so glad you said so! I LOOOVE their new album it was hard to give it 10th place xD but it was hard to place any of these albums, they are all so fabulous. Definitely check them out! Super yummy stuff. AND YES SO WITH YOU ON THE ARTWORK THING. Like...GAH I'm a total album art geek. x) And minimalist is the new complicated. hehe. Thank you for reading, Hannah dear! ♥

  3. Ooh, lots of new stuff to check out. The only album I'm super familiar with is the Imagine Dragons one. Great post!

    1. Yes, definitely check them out! I think you'll find some goodies. ^.^ Thank you for reading, Lydia! ♥

  4. Oooh.

    I love lists like this. UGH SO GOOD.

    Also, music. Just music.

    So. My favorite albums of 2015 (or discovered in 2015):

    Home by Josh Garrels. WOWZA. Josh Garrels is absolutely incredible. His voice is amazing but his lyrics are killer. Seriously. So good. And this album is just... so much what I needed this year. Favorite songs on the album right now (all of them but we'll be specific XD) are "At the Table" and "Colors".

    I've also been listening to random songs from Mat Kearney's Just Kids, but I can't say the whole album yet because I haven't thoroughly discovered it yet. XD

    I also discovered Atlas: Year One Sleeping At Last. EURGHHEIHIFGBWEIWEBN So good.

    The Burning Edge of Dawn by Andrew Peterson. Best. Album. Ever. I can't even express it but it's perfect. Favorite songs are "Rejoice" and "The Sower's Song". But the album in its entirety is absolutely incredible. Basically, go buy it.

    1. I forgot to say my favorite songs from Atlas: Year One. I love "Neptune," "West," and "East". And basically all of them.

    2. EEEEEEE I'M SO GIDDY NOW OMW. ♥ So much MUSIC to check out!! And gaaaaaahyussssssss, MAT KEARNEY. :D My sister got me intrigued by his music and it's pretty kewl stuff. ^.^ I especially love Heartbreak Dreamer (if you haven't listened to this one you MUST because SLAM POETRY) and Coming Home. So good. ♥ I'VE BEEN SO DISGUSTINGLY BUSY BUT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO REPLYING TO YOUR EMAIL when I have time to focus like a normal human being. ;)

  5. HAHA I absolutely love your writing style. Thank you for these recommendations and I'm sure to check it out.

    1. GAH THANK YOU GIRL. ♥ that means so much. ^.^ and yes, definitely check out the albums!

    also happy new year i kind of think you're awesome and your comments on my blog made me rly happy. thanks 4 being u ^-^

    1. AFNSLKNSK oh my goodness, thank you dude. ♥ YOUR comments on my blog make me so happy literally I CAN'T EVEN. Me and Katie were just discussing the other day that you are LIKE ONE OF THE BEST COMMENTERS (right word? it's late) EVER. make me smile so hard it's ridiculous. So thank you for being you! ;) And have a blessed new year, girl ♥

  7. THE ART IN THIS POST MAKES ME WANT TO HUG THINGS AND SHRIEK BASICALLY (I'm so so addicted to art stuff. ARTTTT. *ahem*) So, I don't...listen to much music?! But I ado utterly adore imagine Dragons and Of Monsters and Men. I love their Little Talks song. :') I haven't listened to an awful lot this year, but last year I was ADDICTED to Imagine Dragons Bleeding Out and Monsters (or was that this year? omg I don't even know).

    Now 'scuse me. I must go stare at all the art again.

    1. DSNKANAK I KNOW RIGHT?!! Album art though..I'm a total geek for it. ^.^ gaH. And EEEEE YESS IMAGINE DRAGONS. ♥ *swoons with you* their music is just amazing. Bleeding Out and Monster are some of my faves. You'd love their new album. ;) And YUS LITTLE TALKS. OMW LET ME CRY OVER LITTLE TALKS. the feels in that song tho ♥ ack. Thank you for reading, my Pineapple Queen!


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