real life saturdays (episode 03)

Finally, here it is. The post I was going to do last week, but decided against. (Because, well, I had to spill my guts and all.) Although I’m done travelling for the season (yay! home for Christmas and warm cozy things and snuggling up inside with tea and writing stories and eating cereal…yep all of that equals comfort for me) I’m not done with obligations. No, there’s still lots to do on the home front and organizing some things for my website launch (it’s coming soon, y’all! woot woot) plus working on cleaning up some songs in the final writing stages plus working with my family…it’s still pretty hectic up in here. That being said, I’m doing my best trying to catch up on you guys’ lives and blogs and all. I’ve just been super scattered lately and at times it seems like I only have enough hours in the day to eat, work, cook, clean, practice yoga, watch The Voice, and go to bed. Ugh. But hopefully that will change soon. I’m working on passing a legislation that will add an extra five hours to every day. HELP ME OUT BY USING THE HASHTAG #WEWANT29HRS. (just kidding, I’m totally making that up in case I actually got you somehow.)

  • My sister laugh while she was swallowing coffee. Not on purpose, but she always thinks that it is.
  • This fan-made soundtrack for the next Nancy Drew game. (Yeah, so I didn’t necessarily make it this week, but I posted the last installment of it this week.) It was kind of a just-for-fun thing and also a super good way to explore my audio editing software. Most of the tracks I made with stock on Loopology (which is drool-worthy, btw) but the last two (Hathorne House and Loss) are original pieces I wrote on piano.
  • A blog post and a bunch of images for International Free Tilikum Protest Day. It’s something that Blue Freedom (the non-profit organization that me and my awesome sister Katie started) brings attention to every year on November 14 (today! huzzah) because…well, I won’t rant – you can read about it here. (Also I don’t think I ever told you guys about Blue Freedom this is really awkward hi.)
  • Lots of mistakes. Especially whilst driving. (Sorry Mom!)

What would we do with our lives if they were never going to end? Literally, think about that one for a minute. Everyone’s always like, “live like ur gonna die tmrw yo” and I’m like, “what if we lived like we were never going to die? Physically? EVER?” Jesus stood up in the temple in John chapter 6 and said, “Your forefathers ate manna in the wilderness and they died. But here is the bread that comes down from heaven, which anyone may eat and not die.” He compared physical death with physical life. Your forefathers physically died, but anyone who eats of Jesus, the true bread from Heaven will NOT physically die. So yeah. Thoughts.

  • Breathe. Seriously, I don’t think I do it enough. When I’m in yoga class I’m like, “WHOAA this breathing thing! I could really get into this!” And then I go back to hunching over my computer and my body’s like, “oh yay. here comes the co2 fest.”
  • Sing. Sure, I practice a lot, but not enough. I get literal shoot-ups of dopamine when I sing, bros! It’s awesome. Especially when I sing a song like a boss. And when I can do cool guttural stuff. Some of my recent favorites to sing have been anything Imagine Dragons, pretty much anything Florence + The Machine, my own mashups that I really need to record, Run Boy Run by Woodkid and Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel. That is probably the strangest assortment of karaoke you’ve ever seen listed in one sentence. Listening to me taking a shower is a thing to behold, people.
  • Oh yeah and writing and all the music and getting better at piano and just generally doing that time increase thing I was talking about before because it just really needs to happen, okay? *pops all the b12’s and Bai5’s and keeps on truckin’*

  • FINALLY setting my website up! It’s going to be awesome. I already picked out the template (demo sneak peek here!) and gah I just love it sooo much. It’s going to be so shiny and pretty and squeak!
  • The big bad November playlist. Yuuuup. I still have to finish making it because this month has a really special theme (at least, close to my heart heh) and very few songs fit its parameters just right. So yeah. I’m super excited to share it with y’all on Tuesday. (Hopefully.)
  • A slam poem that I’ve kept hidden forever. GAAAAAHHHHH YEP IT’S TRUE PEOPLE. I’ve been a selfish little watermelon and kept this thing all to myself. I wasn’t sure about posting it because I thought it might be a little…violent? But it’s really close to my heart and everything, soo… (haha now you’re REALLY CURIOUS – but you’re just going to have to wait until…probably Friday.)
  • Buying an audio interface because I can’t wait until Christmas. Yeah, it’s true. I got me a shiny stage piano and now I don’t have any way to get stuff off of it and into my laptop, so that I can actually record things. I’m torn between this one and this one. THEY BOTH HAVE THEIR PROS WHAT AM I TO DO I’M LOSING SLEEP O’RE THIS. (but not really. heh.)

TAWK TO ME. What did YOU make this week? What are YOU meditating on? What will next week be for YOU? Excited for the slam poem? The playlist? The Voice? LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT WHO DO YOU LIKE? (I’m Team Shelby Brown and Team Braiden Sunshine ALL DA WAY.) Did you make anyone laugh whilst drinking coffee? Isn’t it the best thing to watch?



praying super hard for everyone in Paris, right now. 
so much heartbreak needs so much love – close your eyes and send it out right now. ♥


  1. *drools over your piano* That is purty.

    ALSO 29 HOURS IN THE DAY WHUT YES. But I'll have to somehow be NOT TIRED by 8:00. :-P That's the real issue lately.

    Anyways. :-P

    What I Made This Week:

    A Mess in my room. It's a disaster.
    Money. That was nice. XD
    A minifigure do flips. That was fun. Ninjago forevahhhh. XD

    What I'm Meditating on:

    Ephesians 5 and the beauty and symbolism of marriage as a reflection of Christ and the Church.
    Giving up fears of being vulnerable, in the knowledge that there is Someone we can FULLY trust.
    And persecution and its effects and how I can help.
    And China. Always.

    Next week for me will be:

    Bible Study.
    Getting back into my music, ideally.
    And hopefully getting together with my sis. :-D

    Excited for the slam poem? UM YEAH. GIMMEEE.

    Excited for the playlist: YEAH.

    The Voice? Nah, I don't watch The Voice.

    I have never made anyone laugh while drinking coffee, but I have made someone laugh while drinking water and it went out her nose. (sorrynotsorry, sis) I have also been made to laugh while drinking water and have sprayed it on everything. XD It is so amusing.

    1. EEEEP DANKE. I love my piano, too. ♥ It is COMFORT. xD And yeah, not being tired would be nice...(like, ever haha!) Ooooh, money is definitely always nice. And making a minifigure do flips sounds surprisingly hilarious. DUDE EPHESIANSSSS...literally some of da BEST. STUFF. EVER. Like...if somebody ripped out the rest of my bible for whatever reason (???) I could live in Ephesians forever and be happy. xD It's just so loaded. I hope you get to do all the things you wish next week! And yayyyy, I can't wait to see what you think of the slam poem..and the playlist too. :) AND OH MY GOSH YES spraying water everywhere whilst laughing is one of the best things, man... xD nothing like it.

      I LOVE YOU. ♥

  2. OMG CAN I JOIN THE PETITION FOR 29 HOURS IN THE DAY? PLS? WE'RE NOT ASKING THAT MUCH. But I. need. it. so. bad. I'm dyyying trying to fit in everything I want to do and I think end-of-year-craziness just makes it even worse. *growls and collapses wailing* ANYWHO. Those photos = everything of ever. SO BEAUTFIUL. <3 Your blog is always so vibrant and beautiful and ajdfklasd I just feel really happy when I read your posts. Just sayin'.

    I've made my sister laugh while drinking water...came right out her nose and she spat it ALL over the kitchen. Thankfully it missed me or else it wouldn't have been quite as hilarious. Needless to say she was laughing/furious (that is a thing!!) and I was cackling so hard I think I fell over. GOOD TIMES. XD

    1. "*growls and collapses wailing* < LITERALLY ALL MY EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW, PERFECTLY DESCRIBED. And yes, you can most definitely join the petition for 29 hour days!! WE NEED MORE PEOPLE STANDING UP FOR THIS, YO. "Your blog is always so vibrant and beautiful and ajdfklasd I just feel really happy when I read your posts." OMG OMG OMG. eeefbainskjnfdjn. THANK YOU. Literally, that makes me so happy...because I consider YOU like the MODEL of bloggy excellence. So yes. ♥ I'm so happy you like this little place of mine gah. fuzzies. :D

      THAT STORY ABOUT MAKING YOUR SISTER LAUGH WHILE DRINKING WATER...I could literally imagine it all I LOVE ITTTT. ahahahaaa oh man. That is the best. xD Thank you for reading, dearest Cait!! ♥

  3. Ooh, your piano. I've got a digital piano, and every single time I get opportunity to lay hands on a real piano I do, because they're just so much better. Have you done piano exams and stuff?

    Breathing, yes. When I stop and take some deep breaths I wonder why I don't just do it all the time... Have we really gotten too busy to breathe?!

    This week I had opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and meet some new people, and hopefully influence their life for the better... And I've been thinking about the sacrifice God made for us. I think we're too familiar with it - oh yeah Jesus died for us, wasn't that nice, and on we go. When I stop and think, it's amazing, tremendous, like the biggest sacrifice out of the greatest love that there is, just for us. Incomprehensible.

    Looking forward to exploring your website, and I always enjoy these posts! You have the best day. xx :)

    1. I'm not sure what a piano exam I guess I've never done one. xD Yes, I was saying to my mom today while I was playing my electric stage piano, there is just nothing like a grand/baby grand. Gah. So much truth about the breathing thing! Literally...

      YES, WHAT YOU SAID. About Jesus' sacrifice for us. I was ranting with my family about that tonight; about how Jesus' sacrifice was the only true sacrifice (unlike other human sacrifices and animal sacrifices) because Jesus gave up himself and that is what makes a sacrifice real -- because of LOVE. And he said himself, there is no greater love than that. And you're right, it is incomprehensible. ♥

      Thank you so much for reading, Jessica! I'm super happy you liked this post. :)

  4. Excited for you! And I love these photos. :)

    1. Thank you so much, Nicole Rose! ♥


    1. Thank you so much, Grace Anne! I can't wait to see what you think! ♥ :)

  6. 29 hours would be MAGNIFICENT!!! esp. during NaNo! (which, lol, I am sooo procrastinating right now by replying to this post!! eep! but that's okay.)

    My saturday was spent at a women's retreat at church, which blew my head open and gave me one hundred new things to think about, and it was good, but it was also kind of uncomfortable, you know? Like, I maybe didn't need to know that I was struggling with that right now. I'd rather operate under the illusion that I am perpetually strong. But good chats were had on the ride home and I met lots of new people, and honestly, having that particular illusion shattered is 100% definitely a good thing, even though it didn't feel so good at the time.

    Plus, I am suuuuper excited for more music news!!! I have been dying to hear you sing for absolutely forever!! And girl nooo, of course I'm not excited for the slam poem, because I WILL HAVE INSECURITY, GAH :p seriously though I am just so pumped that you're here and you're blogging and there is SO MUCH TO LOOK FORWARD TO. You're the bomb dot com.

    1. Hahaha, commenting on my blog must be added to your list of ways to procrastinate. xD Well, just know that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you, girl. We may not be strong on our own, but it's God spirit, our Helper, that makes us strong. It sounds like you had a really stellar time at the women's retreat!

      Eeeep, I'm super excited, too! I can't wait to start sharing some real stuff. xD I've also bee really wanting to do covers and this week (and hopefully every week afterward) I'm going to be taking music more seriously and spending way more time in it. That being said, it won't be long of a wait! Thank you so much for your support you don't know how much it means to me. ♥


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