real life saturday (episode 04)

Howdy, y’all! How was your Thanksgiving? Totally awesome, I hope. Mine was brilliant, so yeah. Got to hang out with some totally awesome peoples and laugh and talk and get headaches and kick back and read (like…because I never do this) and raid the leftover pie after everyone went to bed. Aka, it was classic. 

  • Lots of messes. As usual.
  • Thanksgiving pies with my mom.
  • 50% (urgh) of my website? It’s got me on edge, guys. But I suffer along, because I don’t know enough about web design and coding and all that happy stuff. It’s going to take a little longer than I’d like it to, but I’ll still have a finished product and it’s going to be awesome so I have to just SUCK IT UP. And persevere. And stuff.
  • A NEW SONG. At least, the beginnings of one. It’s all in my head and it’s going to be so fun and groovy and full of killer beats, yo. Otherwise known as awesomesauce.

  • All the positive, wonderful, heart-punching feedback I got on my slam poem. Like, whaaat? You guys are literally the best. Like. Wow. I just have the most amazing followers ever I am so darn blessed. ♥ Thank you so much for all the kind things you said. :)
  • A friend saying that my voice sounds like Adele. I mean…yay.
  • Hanging out with my awesome grandparents.
  • SOUNDTRACKS! More specifically, The Amazing Spider-Man soundtrack. (Both of them, actually – because I’m pretty sure you can’t put Hans Zimmer and James Horner on the same playlist and not experience something awesome.)
  • When Jordan Taylor replied to me on Twitter. *fangirlventilates*
  • Rituals by Other Lives. Like, the album. Not the song. Although the song is amazing as well. And I want this record (vinyl, please) for Christmas. (Hi Mom!)

Creation. How we pull things into our lives and realities by dwelling on them and thinking about them and speaking them into existence. The word is an incredibly powerful tool – it allows you to control things and create things and change your life, for better or for worse. It’s something we treat so lightly. We play with it, like it doesn’t matter. But it’s actually really dangerous.

  • Getting my act together. I say that a lot, don’t I?
  • A SURVIVAL POST. Yeah, it’s not going to be as epic as it sounds. Well it’s going to be epic, just not in that Everest-in-real-D sense. Just the other kind of epic. Yeah.
  • FILMING A FREAKING MUSIC VIDEO. Can you tell I’m excited for next week? Yep. I am. There’s so much to do, but it’s going to be tons of fun. And I’ve never made a music video before (or lip dubbed anything beyond lyrics stuck in my head to the bathroom mirror) so this should definitely be interesting, if nothing else.
  • This taaaaaaag! (Read that in a sing-song-sih Julie Andrews voice.) Which will be interesting to do seeing as I barely read anything ever. But thank you so much for tagging me, Sami! Oh and if you guys don’t go and follow Sami’s adorable blog right now, we can’t be friends. So yeah.  

How was YOUR Thanksgiving? Were there late night pie reveries?! What did YOU make this week? Does web design a roller coaster of emotions for you, too? What is your favorite soundtrack? Meditation? Any experience lip dubbing? (Even if it’s in a bathroom mirror like me?) Are you going to do Sami’s book tag? (Hint: you should.)



  1. Hearing that you sound like Adele is literally the best compliment ever. You are amazing.
    Let's be real- soundtracks are life. I can't pick a favorite! Soundtracks are my life.
    Goodness, I should definitely do that tag! I just followed Sami. Her blog is AMAZING! ♥♥

    1. I know right??! Gah, Adele's voice is just amazing. hehe. (and aw thank you so much I'm glad you think I'm amazing. ♥) SOUNDTRACKS YES. I knowww, it's so hard to pick a favorite. But Harry Gregson-Williams is definitely one of my favorite composers. Yay! I'm so glad you followed Sami. (we can be friends. AHAHA.) thank you so much for reading, Grace Anne! You da bomb.

  2. I LOVE PIE. My mom also bought chocolate, and we already put up our Christmas tree, and I had coffee yesterday that was really good, so...

    hahahahhahahahHAHAHa i think i'm still hyped up on that.

    1. YUS PIE IS LOYFE. Okay literally everything you listed thar. ♥ gAH. I had coffee for the first time in like...maybe 8 months on Thanksgiving and I was like, hm. coffee. it was actually really good. haha! Thank you for reading, Rachel! :)


    My Thanksgiving was good. Quiet, as it always is. But we had my sis and her fiance up so that was good because I miss her like so much. Just...agh.

    No late night pie reveries for me. I was too stuffed. XD

    What I made this week:

    Pumpkin pie. For the first time ever because my sis usually makes it. But it turned out a success, so booyah and thank you Alton Brown for the crust recipe. It was gloriously flaky.
    Mistakes. I do a lot, but this week seems like it was especially mistake-full. Juuuuuuuuuust. Yeah. It's been a long week full of long days full of lots of apologies that needed to be made.
    Up for lost time with my sis. That was the best part of the week because we talked so fast we could hardly breathe.

    I have never done much web design, so I really can't say. The extent of my web design has been adjusting blog colors. XD But I am sure that it would drive me insane if I were to try it because my patience...uh...needs work. XD

    Favorite Soundtrack: Man, not totally sure. I kind of listen to a big mish mash of songs from different soundtracks. But I think probably How To Train Your Dragon. That one is good.

    What Made Me Happy This Week:

    A really good discussion at Bible study. Even though I started the evening pretty grouchy, I ended it pretty filled up. God is good to me.
    Talking with my sis.
    Online Black Friday deals at the Rabbit Room. Because sales are good and the Rabbit Room is even better.
    Instrumental hymns late at night.

    What I'm Meditating on:

    Kind of all the things that I'm confused about or are just going crazy in how to balance priorities and stuff. I've been thinking a lot about that and just distractions and broken things. But on a brighter note, I have been thinking about the utter completion of Christ, and how thus we do not have to be anything of ourselves, for He is our everything.

    I had to look up what lip dubbing is. XD I've done the lip-syncing part lots and lots. Especially to overly dramatic songs. XD But of course, not for anything for reals. Just in the mirror or for my siblings. XD

    That tag looks funnnnnnn. Maybe I shall do it. :-)

    Andddd lastly, Next Week Will Be:

    Getting ready for trip #1 of December.
    Going on trip #1.
    Relaxing. In my brain I mean. Like I need to do stuff but I also need to stop beating myself up about every little thing and getting stressed out about every big thing.
    Getting some poetry out of my system. It's all jammed up in me and I need to get it out.

    Love you, girl. And love this. Basically it gives me the chance to rant about my life in the comments section of one of my favorite blogs everrr.

    1. That awkward moment when you post your comment before you realize it's epic length.


    2. YAY MONSTER COMMENT. *gobbles it* Aw, quiet Thanksgivings are lovely and it sounds like you had a great one! Ooh, your pumpkin pie sounds awesommee! "It's been a long week full of long days full of lots of apologies that needed to be made." < aw, I know how those are. :/ not too fun. But hey, mistakes are mistakes. GAH, talking so fast you can hardly breathe is AMAZING -- as is catching up with sisters. ♥ sounds like you two had good times together. :) UGH YES WEB DESIGN IS SO...JUST...*gets out my stress reduction kit* yeah. need I say more? It's very draining. OOH YES -- the How To Train Your Dragon soundtrack is a good one...I can't quite remember it, but I remember that it was good. xD

      Ooh, I've never heard of the Rabbit Room before. But yes, sales are quite awesomesauce. *nod nod* Also, "instrumental hymns late at night" sound incredibly relaxing. O_O "...we do not have to be anything of ourselves, for He is our everything." < sooo true. And yeah, I know exactly what you mean by balancing priorities and distractions and etc. *solidarity hugs* eee yes lip dubbing. *bounces* "Especially to overly dramatic songs." < THOSE ARE THE BEST DUUUDE. Funny story: the other day, Katie was sitting across from me listening to music through her headphones and it was loud enough so that I could hear it too, and I started lip-syncing the song for her and then she did it and we were both just like...lip-syncing the same a quiet room. xD it was hilarious.

      "Relaxing. In my brain I mean. Like I need to do stuff but I also need to stop beating myself up about every little thing and getting stressed out about every big thing." < HOW DID YOU KNOW THIS WAS THE EXACT PIECE OF ADVICE I NEED RIGHT NOW?? Like...yeah. true. xD AAAH YES, poetry is like INFECTION. (the best kind. heh.) I LOVE YOU BACK AND I LOVE READING ABOAT YER LOYFE. ♥ *computer hugs*

      your comments are always epic in all the right ways. ;)

  4. Yay! I'm so glad to hear your Thanksgiving was great! Mine was nice ^.^ I'm enjoying the experience of a real Thanksgiving break.
    Also having your voice compared to Adele's is like the best compliment ever! And you better share that song you're writing so that we all can hear it. :)

    1. EEEP. I'm so glad to hear thatyour Thanksgiving was nice, too! :) AGH, yes, the Adele comment made me super happy. xD Oh and I'm totally going to share that song as soon as I can. ;) So stay tuned. Thanks for commenting, Hannah dear! ♥

  5. Nice photos! And the dog's name is?

    (If you honestly want to know what I've been thinking about recently, here it is: sleep. I did some research about it for an article, and realized just how super important sleep is, like for our health and well-being. It affects everything. And then, guess how much I still stay up late? You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.)

    I've haven't gotten to listen to your slam poem yet, but I did download and read 'As A Man Thinketh.' Let's just say that it's really got me thinking, so thank you! And I'm looking forward to the music video!

    1. Aw, thank you, Jessica! Dog #1's name is Rocket, and dog #2 (the silly little upsidedown one's) name is Pearl. ^.^ Oh, gosh, how true. I've heard such good things about getting to sleep early, yet I still stay up super late. #solidarity xD I guess the temptation is just too great to resist. Hehe. Oh yay! I'm so glad you read As A Man Thinketh. It's one of my favorites. ♥ Thank you so much for commenting, dear! You rock. ;)

  6. Happy late Thanksgiving! Can't wait to hear that new song, it sounds amazing :D And I love all those pictures, especially the plants because I may have a mild obsession with plants..:P


    1. Yay for plant obsessions! Why not, they are just so pretty and gah. ♥ Happy Late Thanksgiving back atcha! And I'm super excited to share the song. eeep! Thank you so much for reading, Noor! You're awesome. ;)

    AND I LOVE SUCCULENTS. my last post kinda talks about my weekend and what i've been meditating on. soo yeah just go read that ;) my favorite soundtrack is really just too hard of a questions. I love so many. Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Braveheart, Marvel Movies, Batman, Harry Potter, and way more that I am definitely forgetting. Urgh. Gahhhh my brain won't work. OOH. you've got me really excited about this book tag now. I feel like I've done a trillion tags lately and have yet to do the writers tag, but I'm really pumped about both. YAY. ^-^ Ready for Christmas break already. AND YOUR MUSIC VIDEO?!?!! GAH YOU'RE AWESOME. GO YOU.
    ps i love these posts. do them always.

    1. YES THEY ARE THE BOMBS. ♥ hehe. I've been so meaning to get over to your blog. It's gong happen today, absolutely. Because it's at the top of my checklist. SO MUCH CATCHING UP TO DO. Yes the Narnia soundtracks omg. ♥ SO MUCH LOVE. YEESSSS I'M SO EXCITED IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY. well it is kinda. it's awesome. I can't wait to see what you do for the writer's life tag and I hope you do this book tag too! You rocketh, girl. LIKE BOOM. yo blowin' my mind up. ;) Thank you for reading!!

  8. ABBIEE!!!! this is the most amazing thing ever. okay, so my brain has issues focusing, but when it does, and it focuses on something as INCREDIBLY LOVELY as this post, good things happen. (aka i'm smiling so big it hurts :D)
    but yes, my thanksgiving was awesome. it was quiet, which was totally weird because normally thanksgiving is INSANE at our house. but i like quiet holidays.
    and i love the rest of this post. basically, your creativity, and your love for music and writing, and your photography (OMG YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY) and the fact that you are excited for the tag.
    YES. JUST YES to all. i love it. :D


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