real life saturdays (episode 02 feat. Long Island)

[photos via this past week]

Why, hello there my darlings! I can’t believe two weeks have so happily passed without a second thought. Yikes! This past week was a crazy one, involving a business trip to Long Island, NY. I’d never been there before, so it was pretty cool. We were staying right by the water in a bay, and the world’s largest rubber duck was there. That was the best part. But long drives are fun and super great for plotting books! (Not just on Pinterest, but like…in my head. Yeah. AHEM.) With my free time, I wrote a good deal of fiction and went on a crazy fun photoshoot with my best friend. (We also played on the playground like hooligan teenagers.)

  • This song. It just has such a lively, 70’s rock-ish feel. GAH.
  • These granola bars. I mean, yum.
  • Reverb. Period.
  • Psalm 22. Seriously, you should go read it. Mind = blown. (Also the fact that it’s literally the psalm right before psalm 23? Whaaaat even?)
  • This gif of Theo. Just…gahstopstopstop.
  • Narnia. As per usual. I just finished reading The Magician’s Nephew and eeep, it adds so much brilliance to rest of the books. (Especially the part about the twin trees. WUT EVEN.)

Peace. What it means, what it costs, and what we have to do in order to live and breathe in it constantly. I think peace and trust go hand in hand. It’s not something that you can reach through a step-by-step guide on the topic. Real, authentic, inner peace can only come from knowing where you are and who you are. I am wrapped in the everlasting arms of Jesus Christ and he loves me no matter what. So that means everything’s going to be okay. < Say that out loud to yourself right now. Listen to it. Hug yourself. Believe it.

  • Being so impatient. I feel like this is a big problem I face on a daily basis. It’s sad, because I’m mostly impatient with my family, and they mean more to me than anything ever. Why is it that we forget our true selves around familiarity? It seems so ironic, so backwards. But it’s true.
  • Wasting so much time on Pinterest. It’s a problem now, folks. It really is. I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN HOW DID I KNOW THIS WOULD HAPPEN? But then again, I’ve gotten some of my best story ideas from words and images I find on there…so somebody please assure me that it’s good – fantastic, even – in moderation. GO ON, MAKE ME FEEL BETTER.
  • Apologizing for things that I’m not sorry for. Okay, so this could be taken a few different ways. Ha. Most of the time I’m aware when I’ve done or said something wrong and I truly am sorry for those times. But other times, I’ll be apologizing for something that wasn’t my fault, or something that nobody – including me – can change. I’m doing myself a disservice. Nobody wants me to apologize for stuff I’m not sorry/responsible for. So why do I do it?

  • ANOTHER TRIP YAYYYY. This one won’t be work-oriented which will be refreshing. I’ll have lots of shiny new pictures to share with y’all when I get back, and we can talk about how much fun I had. NO I’M KIDDING. I want to talk about you guys!! ’Cause I’m gonna miss y’all. *sniff*
  • Writing more music and pretending obligations don’t exist. Sounds like a playland, don’t it? YUM.

Has anyone else been to Long Island? What did you think of it? What have YOU been swooning over this week? What have YOU been meditating? What do YOU want to stop doing? What is next week looking like for YOU?



p.s. I’ve been playing around with the font on my posts…what do you think of it now? At its default size, I think it’s a little bit hard to read, so I’ve changed it to point 10. I don’t know if that’s any better, so let me know what y’all think.


  1. Can I just say I love real life saturdays?? Hoping they stay around for a while! :) Also, your font looks good to me - but then, it's always been fine on my computer so I may not be the best person to ask!!

    I want to stop apologizing for things, too... I also want to stop indulging in negative thoughts about myself!! Like, what am I even doing? Enough! That's also what I've been meditating on a lot this week...makes sense that the two would go hand in hand.

    I've never been to Long Island, but it looks beautiful! (also, you two are the cutest EVER)

    1. Eeeep I am super happy that you like this series, Olivia! Seriously. Yay. :D And I'm also glad that the font is looking alright for you. Font is always super important to me when I'm reading blogs. Ease of reading is key!
      Mmm, yes, indulging in negative thoughts is something I fall into doing a lot of, too. It's hard to stay away from sometimes. I just find a lot of satisfaction in guilt. It's not good, but it's true. Eh. Aw, thank you so much, Olivia! *hugs* Long Island is beautiful, indeed. :)

  2. Oh, how I love writing on a long car drive! It is the best thing. Nothing compares! I always make sure to haul a composition notebook with me on long drives, because inspiration always strikes :)

    Oh my goodness, The Magician's Nephew. YES. I have read that book more times than I can's a goal to finish that series soon, but I never do...D: I need to go read it!

    That massive rubber duck killed me, by the way. Hilarious!

    This post was epic. I want to stop worrying, to start writing my novel more, to learn the banjo. To enjoy this last smidge of October!

    1. Yes, I agree! Writing on long drives is so much fun. And having a notebook beside me at all times is absolutely necessary. Hehe. :) Yay! The Magician's Nephew is so good. Loved it. Oooh, learning the banjo sounds like it would be lots of fun! Enjoy the rest of your October, Erin Marie! And thank you for reading! You da bomb. <3


    Can I please have some of your skills? And send them priority... or better yet, overnight....

    Also, you and your sister are SO STINKING PRETTY! I am unashamedly totally putting you two in a book someday.


    and oh man Psalm 22 is one of my FAVORITES! Like, what a gloriously raw and beautiful picture of Christ! Man. SO GOOD.

    I have never been to Long Island. In fact, in all of my trekking, I have only once just grazed the corner of New York.

    Okayyy meee....

    What I Swooned Over This Week:
    The new video for Colony House "Waiting for My Time To Come" (I'd give a link, but my computer is so slow). I was watching it and was like, whut on earth this makes no sense and then I nearly fell off my chair in hilarious laughter.
    My new accordion. It is so beautiful. I am cries.
    The power of God when I am stressed and crying and broken and irritated and annoyed and just being human. :-P He is so amazingly good that I can't even anymore.

    What I'm Meditating On:
    Surrender. And that entails a really long rant so I will leave it at that.

    What I Want to Stop Doing:
    Beating myself up and being stressed about things that I cannot change.
    Thinking that my writing is terrible. o.O
    Letting my mind wander.

    Next Week Will Be.:
    Working in the Nursery.
    And just normal life stuff otherwise.

    I think your font looks faaaabulous to me. :-) <3

    1. AWWW YOUUU. I don't really have many skills...but I'm hoping to improve even more. Photography is something I really love. :D GAH OH MY GOSH. YOU DA BEST, YO. I would be so honored if you put us in a book someday. xD Ahaha, I love stuff that unexpectedly makes me laugh my head off. It's the best. DUDE AN ACCORDIAN?? That is epic! Ugh, I have to stop thinking that my writing is terrible, too. I think it's just a writer syndrome thing. It can't be cured, but it can be thwarted by large amounts of compliment-induced dopamine. XD ooh, have fun nannying next week! And I'm glad the font looks good for you, too. Wi-Fi has been super sketchy (grr) so I'm going to reply to your email as soon as I get a connection. ;) Love ya, girl!!

  4. Ha, sometimes playing on the playground like hooligan teenagers, is just so good. Who said we had to grow up, anyway? :)
    I've been meditating on humility and success. They go hand in hand, but it's hard because whenever I get even a small success, humility goes out the window. Obviously, I've still got a lot to learn.
    Anyway, this is a great post, especially because it's made me pause and think - the best thing in our crazy busy world. And I'm going to go check out Psalm 22.
    Keep up the excellent work! :)

    1. Aw oh my goshies!! Thank you so much, Jessica! You're so sweet, seriously. ♥ I'm so glad to hear that this post inspired you. :) Wow, humility and success is a great thing to meditate on. Definitely check out psalm 22! It's awesomesauce. Thanks for reading, dear!!

  5. Sometimes it isn't always a bad idea to spend too much time on Pinterest - I mean, it's too amazing! haha.

    Great post and thanks for sharing. :)

    1. THANK YOU for the reassurance. That helps me feel better. ♥ And thank you for reading!! :)

  6. first off, love these pictures!
    I especially love what you said about peace. I think that if we try to find peace by ourselves, we won't really find satisfying and lasting peace. It only comes from trust and being confident like you said!
    I want to go to Long island SOOO bad.


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