Q&A Vlog [feat. Katie!]

Well, this is it, guys! Thank you all for your beyond AMAZING questions! You guys are awesome. <3 gah! Also, Cait: for some reason my camera dumped the question about being a night owl or a morning person! ack. The answer is definitely morning person. Ha. And sorry for never returning to the question about my favorite inconspicuous book series, Olivia! I actually still don't know the answer to that one. Ahem. Big giant thank you to my beautiful sister Katie for helping me out with this video! GO FOLLOW HER BLOG.




  1. First off,

    ....I can't believe I actually watched all of that. Not because it was bad, but because I love you guys so much that I'd sit there for 16 minutes. Like who on earth is that crazy. *laughs as if I wasn't but we all know I am*

    You guys make me laugh my head off. Oh man. THE ADOPTION PAPERS ARE SIGNED. You are officially my sisters. WHOOP WHOOP.

    Seriously, whenever that album releases, I will buy it. Because I have no doubt in my mind that you are a great musician. If you get to have concerts and whatnot in the future, COME TO COLORADO PLEASE AND I WILL COME TO YOUR SHOW. ALRIGHT.

    Also, how far along are you on your book now? *wiggles eyebrows*

    Yessssssssssss. This video was hilarious. You guys are dorks. End of story.

    1. adnsakjndhfbsknsjns. *happily throws adoption partay* LITERALLY YOU ARE THE BEST. <3 And gaaaah, thank you so so much, sister! I will absolutely come to Colorado sometime. That concert invite kind of made my day. ♥ EEP! Also, on the book front: I'm literally 3 chapters from the end of my book and it's 153,000+ words. (yikes!) It's going to need a LOT of editing, but I'm very happy with it, so. ack. yes. I'm excited. :D Thank you so much, Cally!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA. WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO AWESOME AND HILARIOUS AND YOU ARE SO ADORABLE. literally this is like me and my sister. crying with laughter. keep us updated on the album and your book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lkdjgfldsk what kind of music are you recording??? loved this so much^-^
    ps dragons are my favorite too.

    1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Thank you so much, Olivia!! <3 GAH THAT IS SO COOL. It's so awesome to know that me and Kate aren't the only crazy sisterly sisters out there. Hehe. I never know how to answer that question, hmm.... like a mix of dark indie/alt rock? EEP, I'M GLAD WE'RE BOTH DRAGON PEOPLE. ♥

  3. Oh. My gosh.

    This is so great. SO GREAT. You two are just.... agh. Everyone else said it better than I can. XD

    First off. The Boxcar Children. YES.

    ALSO GREAT EXPECTATIONS AGH YES I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THAT BOOK! Charles Dickens is one of my favorite authors. He has me laughing my head off and crying and just... yep. Great Expectations was SOOOOOO good. Just. Yes. And just saying, I think that you'd make an awesome Biddy because Biddy is awesome, but when the question was posed I was like, "She could totally do Estella" not because you are stuck up or whatever it is that makes Estella Estella but because you are drop dead gorgeous like she is. So yup. Thoughts.

    Joe is amazing.

    Katie's cry at being the big sister inspiration was so hysterically funny that I was falling off my chair. XD And I totally feel you. I write because my big sister wrote first.

    NARNIA. *runs into all the wardrobes*

    Also, Nancy Drew Games. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, because I know YOU have mentioned it before, but I, too, love the ND games. I have a t-shirt of Sonny Joon. *grins stupidly*

    AND HAHAHAHA FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE WHO POUNDS THE KEYBOARD! I was typing in the office once and my mom was in the other room and she was like, "Is it hailing????" XDDDD

    Anyway. This was way too lovely. And also. Your new picture is so so so great.

    1. OH MY GOSH OH Y MGSSH YOUUUUUUU. *hugs and squeezes* literally this comment made me SO freaking happy. YAYAYAY another Dickens geek! I love Biddy she just has such a great character. And omg your comment about Estella. ♥ YOU'RE SO FREAKIN SWEET I CANT EVEN. And yes, Joe is amazing. Literally all the conversations between Joe and Pip are just gAAHHH. gold. ♥ OMG YOU LOVE THE ND GAMES TOO? literally I have not found another blogging soul who geeks out over those like I do so wut even my day is MADE. (Also, Sonny Joon is amazing.) Katie types SO HARD on her keyboard, too! Our office is adjacent to the living room and literally things sometimes rattle on the wall where she sits at her desk. AHAHAHA, hailing, oh my goodness. That is priceless. HERE I GO AGAIN WITH MY RIDICULOUSLY HUGE COMMENTS. I'm so glad you're back and I'm so glad you liked this vlog, dear!! you da bomb. ♥ eep!

  4. I'm so sad I missed asking questions, but I enjoyed watching this video immensely!
    Great Expectations is one of my absolute faves! And Katie's impersonation of Miss Havisham is on point :)
    We should totes go to France together.
    Tea all the way!
    Listening to you and Kate laughing and goofing off reminded me of how I am with my sisters, it was so fun to watch
    Loved, loved, loved this Q&A, girl :)

    1. Eeeep, oh my goodness. <3 Thank you so much, Hannah! I know right, Katie is SO GOOD at impersonating people. gah. It's one of her hidden talents. AND YES FRANCE TOGETHER + TEA = ALL THE AWESOMENESS. *calms herself down* Okay. I'm so glad you liked this video, dear! You rock.

  5. GAH, you may have just made my day, or week, or month...

    Anywho, you two are adorable and I love it. and yes do covers, because I will watch them and love them, I'm sure of it.

    Yeah for dark chocolate all the way! But I'm with Katie on the coffee thing, not that I have anything against tea, it's just not coffee... and I think that I should probably be going somewhere here but I'm just rambling...

    I'm just gonna end: it was lovely to watch (or hear in Katie's case) you two lovelies for a whopping 16 minutes and 35 seconds. <3

    1. FLKLKMC. ♥ Thank you so much, Jana! I'm definitely going to do some covers -- it would be so much fun oh my goodness. Hehe, tea is definitely not coffee. I'm so so glad you liked this vlog, dear! Your questions were awesomesauce. ♥

  6. so it took me a long time to watch this....


    You guys are hilarious.

    Yes, to Bells of St. John. BEST. (Well not best, but close to be one of the best.) you should


    1. EEEEEEE THANK YOU YES ME AND KATIE QUOTE THAT MOVIE LITERALLY ALL THE TIME. <3 eeep. I'm so happy you liked this, Treskie!! You're the sweetest. :D


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