ridiculous amounts of ice cream

I miss it. 

I miss getting salty and sandy
and letting my hands feel the ocean.

I miss not knowing what time it is
and going for long walks.

I miss watching dolphins from the pier
listening to the wind in my hair
laughing and eating ridiculous amounts of ice cream.

I miss taking bike rides at twilight
drinking in those last moments of light
like a little child 
who doesn't want the day to end
not yet.

I miss you, Florida.

Yes, I've been Florida dreaming, even in the summer. There's just something about it, something special. What special, lovely thing have you been missing lately? Also, this is my shiny little bike. I wuv it. 



  1. Ahhh... I miss Florida all the time! Or anywhere by the sea, really... You are right, there is something magical about it. :)
    Also, your bike is adorable.

    1. Yes, I so agree! The sea is amazing. <3 Thank you so much, Hannah! :)

  2. IOSDUIASFIEUWVFIWENVDLSA <3 In love with every last word of this ho my gooosh

  3. Besutiful photos and poem. Oh, that poem. <3

    1. Thank you so much, Jo! <3

  4. I definitely can relate to missing saltwater! And everything that comes with that lifestyle. It's beautiful and painful to miss such wonderful memories, but it's comforting to know we are where we are for a reason. <3

    1. Kimberly! <3 Thank you so much, I needed that. Yes, saltwater is so easily missed. You must know the feeling to a T. Thanks for stopping by, sister! :)

  5. Dearest Abbie,

    Hey, YOU! I miss talking to you! How are you doing?! Also, that little bike of yours is absolutely gorgeous.

    Your poem is so beautiful. It's so reminiscent of those wonderful, eternal moments. I wish you guys could come to the Hawaii sea and see what you think about it. ;) But seriously.

    I'm about to start community college, so I suppose I'm missing the time it will take up, even though I haven't started yet. :P I'm excited about it, too. It will be good, I think.

    Miss you!

    1. REBEKAH! Oh my gosh, have I missed you, too, sister! <3 I'm doing great and it's so lovely to hear from you! YESYESYES, I would love to check out that marvelous ocean you're enjoying in Hawaii. :) It sounds wonderful. "I'm missing the time it will take up, even though I haven't started yet." < ack, I know the feeling, girl! But that is super exciting! I hope you enjoy your time there! Thank you again for the comment, dear! <3


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