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Everyone has their things. And I'm not talking about like tangible stuff that you can get your hands around -- laptop, books, stuffed animals, chocolate, etc. I'm talking about the important things. The super important things. The things you feel yourself being pulled towards like boom, hello black hole my name is innocent creature who just wants to be loved. These are the things I live for, the things that get me waking up in the morning with a huge smile on my face, the things that make me feel like I'm in love. Like literally in love with a literal  someone. The things that make you sing and laugh way more than you should, dance around the kitchen, loud music, sticky feet. Nectar, harmony, sunlight on your face. The things -- your things -- squeeze your heart like it's a stress ball and no, they ain't gonna stop, not anytime soon. 

These are your things. Like a poem, they only live in your heart in this particular rhythm and verse. You don't know how to describe them because they can't really be described, not in anything but a scream. No one can do your things justice but you.  You can find the words if you'd like, but I can't find them for you. Maybe you won't even find them. Maybe you'll just keep them buried inside your heart somewhere like a secret life force nobody knows about. Like a barefoot, sunshine-drunk hallelujah. Kisses down my neck, fingers in my hair, look at the stars -- mhm, they're stars, alright. Maybe you won't tell anyone about them. It's nice that way.  Maybe it'll just be your little secret. 

But I want to tell you about my things, but I just recently figured out what (some of them) are and it felt a little bit like learning what sex your unborn baby is. I'm brain-pregnant with inspiration's song and it's a beautiful thing.

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Do you know what your things are? Tell me. (If you feel like it.)


  1. my things are...

    -writing until your body goes on autopilot and you don't even know if you're breathing because there isn't any you, just words
    -the way my heart skips a beat when I read something beautiful like this
    -sunny mornings
    -singing in church
    -the softness of baby skin
    -the way toddlers smile at you lie you're their best friend

    is that what you meant?

    1. Gah, that first one -- yes. Yes yes yes so much yes. <3 This is beautiful list, Olivia.

  2. Lovely list. We all have our things. Tis true. Here are some of mine:

    -starry nights
    -laughing eyes
    -sun dancing in a forest
    -wrist watches
    -weeping willows

    1. That list is absolutely lovely, Susanna. Thank you for reading. (:

  3. Abbie--or Beezee, whichever you prefer!--

    Your blog is simply incredible. Wow. Thank you for commenting on my blog because otherwise I wouldn't have found yours! Eek! You really have a way with words and you have an all-around lovely blog! Also, I adore your picture. You seem like a person that should be the heroine of a novel.

    If you ever read a book by me and you strangely relate to the character, please don't sue me........ ;-D

    Anyway. I'd love to join. List o' mine:

    -God, of course.
    -The weight of babies in my arms.
    -Adopted kids, and the absolute joy and hope they give me.
    -Aspen trees.
    -Psalm 139
    -Honesty. Even when it hurts.
    -An abundance of joy that comes from the Man of Sorrows.
    -Fellowship. And unexpected friendships. They kind of go together.
    -Cello and violin
    -Rain and fog that rolls in thick.

    Sorry, that got a little long. It's amazing when you get to setting down a list of all the things that you love, or are grateful for, because you really realize just how blessed you are. So thank you for the reminder.

    One more thing. I love how raw your posts are. (I went and read a bunch of old ones.) Keep being real!

    <3 Hannah Joy

    1. Hannah Joy! I squealed a little when I saw your comment, not gonna lie. (; Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! "You seem like a person that should be the heroine of a novel." < that is literally one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me. I would be so insanely honored if I inspired a character in one of your books. What a lovely list of things, too! It's funny, I was just thinking about Psalm 139 the other day.. I'm going to have to go and read that one again. <3 Thank you again for following, dear!

  4. beautiful post, Abbie. here's some of mine :)

    yoga in the morning
    raindrops on the windowsill
    the smell of the ocean
    days with nothing planned
    beautiful little gardens
    cuddles <3

    hope you're having a good week x Sharon

    1. Thank you so much, Sharon! That's a wonderful list. <3 I also love yoga in the morning and the smell of the ocean and pretty much everything else you listed. Ah, so lovely. I hope you're having a stellar week yourself! (:

  5. Omg, I had to read this post twice because it was so seriously beautiful. Aaand, I spent an agonisingly long time trying to come up with my things. I COULDN'T. I don't have things so much as just thing. I really love to write. It does something crazy to my heart, I just go all ballistic and intense and in love with words. I really really love words on paper. :')
    But this much awesome.

    1. CAIT. Thank you sooo much for the beautiful comment. <3 I'm so glad you liked this post. And I'm also glad that you couldn't find out what your things are. Because it's lovely and amazing and thrilling, either way. We don't really know what ALL of our things are, because there are so many, I think. But girl -- the way you talk about writing... You were born to do this. Really. I can tell, just by the way you describe it. Don't ever stop writing because it's one of your most special gifts and it's beautiful. <3 Thank you for reading, dear!


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