video games.

Because I wanted to. And can I just take a moment to let you all in on something? I hate reading music. I just hate it. Not only is it hard to remember, but it feels so fixed. Unshakable. I love changing things up, making them my own. Like putting a bench at your dining room table. Only not.

So I learn most stuff by ear. Like, by just listening to it a few times. It's fun that way. Free-ish. 

I am in control of my modesty.
I am in control of my modesty.


  1. *breaks down in Spock tears* duuuuude, you da bomb. This is amazing. You are an artist, okay? You are. An. Artist. You make beautiful, beautiful things because your Father has taught you how and given you gifts that just wanna explode out your finger tips. So don't you ever say anything about how it's not all that I know it is-- because I know it is. And it is awesome. And you are awesome. And I look at you and I say, This kids gonna be the best kid in the world.
    This kids gonna be somebody better than anybody I ever knew. Literally. That sums you up, awesomesauce. Love you.


    1. Awww, dude, you're gonna make me cry! :) I love you and you are just as talented and amazing. And I'm kind of abstract and un-poetic so I can't really convey it to you as well as you just did. But I have to just say ditto. xoxo

  2. Dear Mel,

    Geesh! You is amazing. 1, I love this song, 2, you make it even more beautiful. You got so much talent. Beautiful, Mel, beautiful.


  3. That's so cool! Love it. Somehow I've missed your last few posts. Probably because I mainly use Bloglovin' at this point. But I followed you there, so that's fixed. Yay! :)


kind words are like raindrops on the desert. they make me bloom with happiness, as absolutely cliche and cheesy as that sounds. even if it's just a simple alt+3 i will heart you for it. so, go ahead! MAKE MY DAY. literally.