it's just me up here on Dunlawton Bridge.

There's just something about it.
Something about flying down the highway and letting the wind hiss through the screen, her fingers tangling and twisting my dirty-blonde hair into wistful knots. I'll have to painfully rip them out, later, but I don't care.

I could drink the ocean.
My eyeballs dance in the thick, dreamy blue sky, and the sun slips her soft fingers around my neck, down my arms, singing, screaming in my ears.

The hotels stand out like big chunks of chalk, planted in the sand, and popping against the sweet azure... and the ocean.
And it's here, in Port Orange that I could just lay on the sidewalk and sleep.

I could skip across the sandy white confectionery and lace my fingers in the ocean's perfect pulse, her salty waves leaving trails of foam across my bare toes.
I could dance on Sunglow Pier at dawn.
I could sing to the ocean at the end of the day, when everybody goes back inside the resort to kick back on their balconies or indulge themselves in an elegant dinner of some sort... and I'd be the only one out there.
Just me and the ocean and our big, beautiful maker.

And it's here, on Dunlawton Bridge that I could jump. Into the ocean. And live there.
Yes, I said LIVE.
just lay in a kayak and hang out in that sweet, intoxicating blue surf, until the ocean decided she'd had enough of me, and spits me back on land.

Suddenly I'm back inside.
White walls.
Cathedral living room ceiling.

With a thunderstorm raging outside.

Let me tell y'all. There's nothing to compare to the feeling of scratching out a chunk of paradise on an 8x11 slice of paper with Oil Pastels, while the sheets of rain and hail pour down in torrents, and the fast purple lightening flashes, and the echoes of thunder slam right through your chest.

It's terribly beautiful.

Looking Northwest on Dunlawton Bridge - photo

Looking Northwest on Dunlawton Bridge - my oil pastel

I'm not much of an artist... but it makes me happy.

-Mel (the nerdy kid)


  1. you are an amazing bowl of cereal. You know that? Painting= rockin. I love it you artist, you.

    1. LOVE YOU TOO, buddy. MY turkey sandwich. xD

  2. You, Are a warrior poet. xD <3
    gorgimous post.
    ANd that painting is *so* good!

    1. x) thank you so much, Rinskii! <3 you seriously don't know how much that means to me.

  3. Anonymous5/31/2012

    Your picture is simply amazing. You should do more! It looked just like the photo you took! Bravo!

    1. Thank you so much! :) that means a ton. <3 I hope to be doing a lot more drawing/painting this summer.
      Thanks for commenting! :D


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