How To Write When You Have Literally No Inspiration

Some call it Writer’s Block™ – but that term is so overused, I’m definitely going to call it I Have No Inspiration To Write™. Y’all, this is a common debacle that every writer faces at one time or another. Whether you’re writing a novel or a blog post, the time may come when your creative mind trudges to a grinding halt. I CAN RELATE TO THE FEELING. Right this moment, in fact. (I’m losing inspiration for my novel AND this blog post tbh.)

But THERE IS HOPE, MY FRENS. I have learned how to overcome these inconvenient obstacles so that Writers Block™ doesn’t completely destroy my life. AND NOW NO DOUBT YOU WANT MY SECRETS. But my frens, you can’t have waffles AND sagacious advice. You have to choose one or the other. (I obviously chose waffles and this is why all sagacious advice is 100% fabricated by yours truly. Believe at your own risk.)

Non-inspiration is kind of like inspiration. Only the exact opposite. (#LOGIC) If you are inspired by something, then you can also be uninspired by something. Maybe you’re simply losing motivation for your novel? Maybe you’re unsure about the story? Is it even good? Maybe you’ve been busy and your novel has been neglected for days or even weeks? Maybe you're feeling like tHE WORST FAILURE EVER??

I cannot answer this question for you, my frens. YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. But contemplating this question COULD help you to get out of that Writer’s Block™ rut. Now let’s figure out how to write when we have literally no inspiration.


Hopefully by now you’ve identified SOMETHING in your life that’s making you feel gloomy about your writing. For me, I’ve been sick for the past week and WOW THAT’S VERY INSPIRING, RIGHT?? No. Unfortunately I can’t snap my fingers and feel amazing, but as I recover each day, I’m beginning to feel more and more inspired. SO THERE. Being sick makes me really depressed. I’ve identified the source of non-inspiration and am (slowly) giving it the boot.


Nothing is more motivating than being told hoW FREAKING AWESOME YOU ARE. This kind of reaffirmation can come from your family, your frens, or ME. For goodness sakes, TELL ME WHEN YOU NEED SOME ENCOURAGEMENT. LET THE WAFFLE QUEEN SHOW YOU HOW AMAZING YOU ARE. Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly down on my writing, it really helps me to go back to old comments I’ve received on bits of writing I’ve shared over the years (fanfic, snippets, short stories, whatever.) If you don’t feel refreshed after reading people being like “adsfhjfksla your WRITING IS SO GOOD WHAT ASLKDLFJ” then idk who you are.


This can be kind of tough sometimes – especially for those of us who plan on making a career out of writing. Oftentimes writing becomes this thing that I “have to do” rather than something I “get to do.” Writing is an honor and a luxury. Yes, it is horribly difficult at times – but it is also a blessing. I started writing stories when I was about six years old and I never stopped. Have I made any money off my writing in the past thirteen years? LOL NOPE. But yet I continue to do it. Why?? Because I have a sick fancy. AND I FREAKING LOVE WRITING. So next time you’re feeling burnt out when you sit down to write, REMEMBER THE WHY. 


Y’all, I have a confession to make: I HAVE NO CHILL MODE. When I’m feeling stressed* and someone suggests that I should “take a break” I’m like LOLOLOL DON’T SPEAK TO ME DEVIL. (It’s obviously not healthy, but my Pride™ objects to change.) Even though EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING CRINGES at the thought of putting aside work to reboot, I resign myself to the harsh reality that sometimes I don’t know what’s best for myself. Sometimes tea and a Downton Abbey marathon is what I need to get back in the groove of writing. IT FEELS HORRIBLY CHILL, BUT I PROMISE IT WORKS. Sometimes you just need to quit. For five minutes.


I am lowkey obsessed with making book-themed playlists. My work-in-progress isn’t LEGIT until I make a playlist stuffed full of inspiring music that reminds me of said work-in-progress. I’m a very musical person (bc you didn’t know yet) so THIS REALLY HELPS ME. But something else might help you just as much. Such as…


Aesthetic boards is what I’m all about, bro. THEY WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE 100000% BETTER GUARANTEED. If you have no idea where to start with making an aesthetic board, I wrote a handy post all about it. Pinterest is kind of my second home** so I consider myself kind of an expert. BUT! If aesthetic boards aren’t your jam, try making ANYTHING THAT INSPIRES YOU. This includes but is certainly not limited to: small fires, knitted socks, movies, messes, and/or waffles.

*my current emotion 25/8
**or maybe it’s my first home??? idk reality is probably plan b.


Some of us can write on demand. If absolutely NOTHING ELSE works for you, DO THIS. Watch some motivational speech videos on YouTube, grab you manuscript and GO TO WAR. Even if your writing absolutely sucks and you feel slaughtered from the inside out when you’re finished, HEY. AT LEAST YOU WROTE SOMETHING. AND YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD WRITER’S BLOCK™ LOLOLOL. YOU WIN.

What is your best cure for Writer’s Block™? DO SHARE BECAUSE I OBVIOUSLY NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET. Do you make book playlists? Aesthetic boards?? Do you have trouble finding your chill mode? Please help me find mine. IT RAN OFF ON MY SECOND BIRTHDAY AND NEVER CAME BACK.


VIDEO: What's Up In February? (Wherein I Walk My Dog)

Y’ALL. I was looking at my YouTube channel the other day and realized that I haven’t posted a video of my fabulous face in NINE MONTHS. (Unacceptable.) So here’s a five minute vlog just for you!! I explain some stuff that’s happening on the blog and also just current projects of February. Also I walk my adorable white dog in the snow, so…there’s that.

How is February going for you guys??


My New Single "Back To Normal" Is Here! (And I'm Freaking Out)

SURPRISE, Y’ALL. The songwriter is finally releasing another song!! AFTER WHAT, A WHOLE YEAR?? Let’s not think about how long it’s been. I’ve done a good job of keeping y’all distracted with waffles, right? RIGHT. I’m freaking out today because I’m releasing a new single: Back To Normal.

I don’t know if I need to explain this song. I like to say that my music explains itself. You want to know what it means? Listen to the lyrics. I can’t describe it any better than I did in the actual song.* Also I’m an impatient little bean of a human so I am flinging this song at you before it’s even available on iTunes or Amazon or Spotify. BECAUSE Y’ALL ARE SO LOYAL, YOU DESERVE A SNEAK PEAK. So here you go!! 

*I totally stole this philosophy from Tyler Joseph. Because it’s brilliant. Because he’s brilliant. But y’know. I’m trying to advertise my own music right now. :’’’’’) *still has a reason to talk about Twenty One Pilots*


*is probably screaming happily real time*


How To Make A Beautifully Perfect Aesthetic Board For Your Novel + 3 Pinterest Hacks That Could Save Your Life

If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you are probably aware that I have a slight obsession with Pinterest. THERE IS NOTHING SLIGHT ABOUT IT OK. If time allowed (spoiler: time NEVER allows) I would most likely spend the greater portion of my life on Pinterest while sipping tea and listening to some good indie music. I understand* that some people might not love Pinterest as much as myself, and if that is the case maybe I shall convert you with this here post. Because if you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you are probably aware that I LIKE TO CONVERT Y’ALL TO MY FABULOUS WAYS. The Waffle Queen has spoken. (Oh and let’s not talk about how I haven’t posted in forever, ok??)

Aesthetic boards are a beautiful thing. I consider myself a small authority on this not only because I’ve been complimented (like…a lot) on my aesthetic boards, but because I FLAIL OVER THEM MYSELF. It gives me great pleasure to scroll back through all my aesthetic boards and admire the beauty. I think I’m pretty good at it, ok?? But if you’d like your own opinion instead of mindlessly agreeing with my every word** then check out my Pinterest and see for yourself. If you don’t trust my expertise, then BE OFF WITH YA. Now, you loyal frens – let’s get talking.

*No actually total lie I DON’T UNDERSTAND. WHO ARE YOU.
**My favorite type of reader, tbh. ;)

At this point you might be a little confuse. BUT! If you’re wondering what exactly an aesthetic board is, YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PERSON, fren.* An aesthetic board is basically a visual pool of goodness and beauty and asdfghjkl. What?? THAT WASN’T COHERENT ENOUGH FOR YOU? I make aesthetic boards for lots of things (because I’m a fangirl) but today we are talking about NOVELS. You’re writing a novel and you want to make a visual picture board of how that novel feels, looks, tastes, smells, etc. ENTER THE AESTHETIC BOARDS.

*I will happily rant about aesthetics all day. Also MBTI personalities. Also the Bermuda Triangle. Because I’m a geek. HEYO. 

Not everyone does. I can only speak for myself with the aesthetic board love. I am a very visual person. Whether I’m in the plotting process, the writing process, or the editing process, visuals really help me to feel inspired for my novel. I want to FEEL THE VIBE of my book without actually reading/writing it. (Also it goes without saying that I’ve gotten some FABULOUS ideas for books while browsing Pinterest and building aesthetic boards. Just so you know.)

My sister (as we all know) is an incredible writer. And she doesn’t make aesthetic boards.* So there you have an example of this isn’t for everyone. It really depends on the writer. Every writer has different tastes and creative needs. Do whatever works for you as a writer.

*But of course this doesn’t stop me from making aesthetic boards FOR her. MUAHAHA YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT MY FRENS. I mean, why not?? I’m obsessed with her books (they’re really really really good) and I make aesthetic boards of things I fangirl over obviously. (Also these boards are secret. LOL HAVE FUN BEING TORTURED but I don’t own the rights to my sister’s ideas so SHHHHH.) 

Practically anywhere. You have many options with aesthetics. You can make a collage in a photo editing program like PicMonkey (I featured something like that in this post) or you can save photos individually to your Pictures folders or Scrivener corkboard (something I do with character faces only) or you can copy your Waffle Queen and make aesthetic boards on Pinterest. That’s the method we’re going to be talking about today. (I definitely recommend Pinterest. OBVIOUSLY. If you don’t have an account already (what are you doing with your life) GO SIGN UP AND COME BACK REAL QUICK.


I almost always start my boards as secret boards. Just because I like to build up a board before I release it for all my frens to see. Also WHO KNOWS. I might be feeling cryptic and want to keep “My Fabulous WIP” a secret forever.


This is obviously the hard part. If you’re unsure about searching for pins (it can be a slippery slope tbh) then I suggest following some other writer fiends and browsing their aesthetic boards for anything you might want to use. I follow lots of amazing lovelies on Pinterest, but to give you a jumpstart, check out these queens of aesthetic: Addy, Aimee, Cait, Evelyn, and Katie Grace. TALK ABOUT BOOK INSPIRATION. Sit back and watch some lovely aesthetics show up in your feed.

Another way to find pictures that match your aesthetic is to SEARCH SEARCH SEARCH. It can be helpful to use hashtags like #CharacterInspiration or #NaNoWriMo to get started. Pinterest also might recommend other tags to use in your searches. Pin four or five images, then come on back to where you started.


I AM TOTALLY WINGING THIS. Like…I have no idea what kind of aesthetic I’m building here. This is an example novel and I don’t know what it’s about. Maybe homeless children inhabiting creepy abandon houses? Maybe some paranormal/fantasy vibes? Maybe fluffy dogs and dysfunctional families and loneliness? Look I just created an aesthetic in my head. Now it’s time to make it visual.

But YOUR BOOK MY FREN – you know what it’s about. You know what the themes are. So let’s get some words happening, shall we? This is a book, after all. And books are usually quite wordy. I love including quotes in my aesthetic boards. It adds to the vibe without taking away from the visual. “My Fabulous WIP” is about loneliness. So let’s look for quotes about that.

BOOM. THERE WE ARE. A QUOTE. Looks fabulous, right? Of course it does. Nod your head and agree with everything I say. (That is, IF you want to be a favorite of the Waffle Queen.)


Pinterest does this magical thing when you select a photo and scroll down – it shows you pins that are visually similar to your selected image. It’s THE BEST THING EVER BASICALLY. I use this more than any other method to build up my aesthetic boards. Also PRO TIP: if you pinned those first five images in a nice order and you like the way they are arranged, you can pin new similar images in the same order and HELLO AESTHETIC GLORY. It’s fabulous. 

KEEP ON KEEPING ON, MY FRENS. Pretty soon you’ll have a beautifully perfect aesthetic board to match your fabulous novel. PIN AWAY. EAT CHOCOLATE. HAVE FUN.

I’m not sure how hacky these hacks are BUT BRO THEY MAKE MY LIFE EASIER. So I think that counts as a hack. Every Pinterest user in the world might already know about these hacks, too. IDK MY FREN. But let’s collectively gasp in pleasant surprise and pretend I thought of them ALL ON ME OWN.

Unfortunately, Pinterest doesn’t have a “rearrange pins” option which of course makes all its user very sad. I WANT TO MOVE MY PINS AROUND. But I can’t. So what do I do?? Watch and learn. Here is an example of how I rearrange pins. LOOK AT HOW AWFUL THAT LOOKS two quotes right next to each other??? MY OCD BRAIN IS FAINTING HELP.

*Everyone sighs with relief* MUCHO BETTER. Unfortunately, this is kind of a tedious hack. But heyo – it works.

If you’ve been stalking my Pinterest (you should btw) for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of my boards are labeled rather redundantly. For character aesthetics, every board begins with “Character:” followed by the character’s name. For book aesthetics, every board begins with “WIP:” followed by the working title of the story. For fangirl aesthetics, (lol yes) every board begins with “Aesthetic:” followed by the book/movie/show that board matches. This doesn’t look as pretty as it might if I didn’t have these labels before everything – but MAN IT REALLY HELPS WHEN PINNING STUFF. Just look at that navigation menu!

Pinterest automatically sorts your boards by alphabetical order (I’m so smart omg) so it’s much easier to find boards when they are labeled like this. RIGHT? LOGIC.

We all know that we can upload out own pins, right?? YES LOL BUT WHO ACTUALLY DOES IT. Usually I am so lost in the oceans of other people’s images that I never think of uploading my own. But I’ve recently started uploading more of my own pins to novel aesthetic boards particularly. Here’s why: QUOTES FROM YOUR OWN BOOK MAKE IT LIKE YOUR BOOK’S LEGIT BOARD. This isn’t really a hack and not everyone likes graphic design, but there’s something so yummy about inserting a quote from your own book into your aesthetic board – it makes your board that much more YOURS.

Here’s a quote from my novel, The Head Games. I just slapped some text on a cute watercolor background and – HUZZAH. It’s like my own little personalized space for my novel. SQUEAK. 

THERE YOU GO, MY FRENS. All my Pinterest secrets are now divulged. EXPLOIT MY WISDOM HOWEVER YOU LIKE. I hope these hacks make your life easier and my expert tutorials (and GIFs!) help you create awesome aesthetic boards. Because WHO NEEDS TO ACTUALLY WRITE BOOKS WHEN THERE IS PINTEREST? *nervous laughter*

Do you make aesthetic boards on Pinterest?? If so, please leave a link below!! I’d love to see it! Do you have any Pinterest hacks? Because I’m in desperate need of some more. Was this post at all helpful? Or was I just fangirling over Pinterest and not making any sense?? LOL HELP ME.