7 Simple Habits That Will Make You A More Confident Person

If you met me a year ago, I would have seemed like a totally different person. WHY? Because I was about 1000% more insecure than I am today. WHY? That’s a whole other blog post for a whole other time. The point is – I’m a happier and healthier person today because of one thing: confidence.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called Is It Possible For Introverts To Be Confident? all about the appalling misuse of the word “introvert” and why most people automatically think it means “shy and insecure.” (MYTH = DEBUNKED. Obviously.) In that post I mentioned that I’ve gone from being an unconfident person to being a confident person…and I said I wanted to write a post about little things you can do to become more confident. To my pleasant surprise, A LOT OF YOU SAID “YES PLEASE WRITE A POST LIKE THAT.” So here we are!!

But first let’s clear up a few things. A lot of people misuse words. And I’m not just talking about “like” and “um” and “aesthetic.” I’m talking about CONFIDENCE.* So once again, let’s whip out The Abbiee Dictionary and redefine a few things. Like WHAT CONFIDENCE EVEN MEANS.

*CLEARLY. I’M TALKING ABOUT CONFIDENCE. Look at the title of this post. Look at the header image. What did you think I was talking about, friend????

VLOG: What’s Up, August? (Not A Lot Going On + Too Much Going On + Productivity VS Self-Care)

GUYS. HI. I’M SICK AND TIRED. But here is a post!!! BECAUSE I AM A LOYAL WAFFLE QUEEN. The beginning of a new month is sometimes a really depressing time for me (especially when I’m SICK WITH A COLD FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON) but heyo I’m here I’m breathing so I’M GOOD TO GO. Let’s talk about lyfe.

NOTHING. AND THAT MAKES ME REALLY SAD. Seriously, I feel like I got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING DONE in July except for a few things for other people (whom I love so it’s all good but you know what I’m saying???) Sometimes it’s frustrating when I feel like I’m making no progress on my own projects and ugh ugH UGH. *bangs head into wall*

My sister’s debut novel, The Blood Race, IS OUT. *CASUALLY SCREAMING* It’s now available on Amazon in Kindle format or paperback!! <<< GO BUY IT YOU’LL LOVE IT I PROMISE. If you didn’t catch my last post, it was part of a blog tour for The Blood Race: a fabulous list of 5 Really Good Reasons To Read The Blood Race plus aesthetics and book trailers and ALL KINDS OF GOODIES. 

5 Really Good Reasons To Read The Blood Race by K.A. Emmons + eBook GIVEAWAY!! (It's Blog Tour Time, Bro)

Something SUPER FREAKING EXCITING is going down today!! My sister, Kate, is publishing her debut novel, The Blood Race on August 1, 2017 – and TODAY I AM KICKING OFF A BLOG TOUR. Because Kate is awesome and deserves all the confetti and waffles ever.

But I’m not alone!! The party continues on Grace Anne’s blog and Kate’s blog! (<<< GO CHECK OUT THEIR POSTS BECAUSE = STRAIGHT FIRE) Not to mention a lot of y’all are joining us in this blog tour for The Blood Race! So keep an eye out for lots more posts in the blogosphere including reviews, aesthetics, interviews, incoherent flailing (not at all guilty there), and LOTS OF OTHER BLOG TOUR FUN. DKLJSADLKJF < I AM FREAKING OUT EXCITING MY FRIEND.

Aaaaand now I’m going to stop rambling and get on with the post! First, we’ll talk about five reasons why YOU should read The Blood Race (duh) and then you’ll watch an EPIC book trailer (made by yours truly muahaha) and FINALLY, at the bottom of this post, THERE IS A GIVEAWAY. < Yes. Win an eBook copy of The Blood Race when it comes out on August 1!! I’m so excited!! LET’S GET THE PARTY STARTED.

The 3 Golden Rules Of Writing That Nobody Talks About (And How They Will Save Your Book From Doom!)

I’ve never been one for Writing Advice™ – giving it or taking it. In fact, my best advice would be “don’t take advice” because YOU DO YOU. Nobody else can write YOUR story, only YOU. < That’s the kind of stuff you would have heard me say if you’d asked for my advice a year ago.

But! I’ve learned a thing or two since then. Not to say I now recommend taking Writing Advice™ – because I still don’t. However, what I do recommend is STUDYING THINGS in your own time.* Look at your favorite books, movies, TV shows. Study the stories and figure out why they are your favorites. How do they make you feel? Why do they make you feel? Exploration. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself as a writer.

SO THAT BEING SAID, we’re going to do a little exploring today. I’m lovingly calling the advice I have for you “the three golden rules of writing that nobody talks about!” It’s not that nobody talks about these things…but very few people do. I’ve had to search high and low for advice like this. Most of the Writing Advice™ I see is all about STRUCTURE! and CHARACTER ARCS! and STEPHEN KING’S MORNING ROUTINE! which is all fine and good…but I’ve never found it helpful. SO LET’S DO SOMETHING NEW AND DIFFERENT. Grab a waffle and some tea and probably a helmet because this anti-writing-advice might just blow your mind.

*preferably stories in this case but if you want to study water buffalo or something hey who’s stopping you

Is It Possible For Introverts To Be Confident?

A few weeks ago, I was browsing Pinterest* and I stumbled upon a Buzzfeed quiz called “Are You Confident?” Usually I don’t take quizzes like this but IDK I WAS LIKE “WHY NOT.” The questions weren’t very good, but when I reached the end of the quiz, my result was: YOU ARE NOT CONFIDENT.

Really? Really?? Now, I’m not saying that Buzzfeed quizzes actually work. Nor am I saying that Buzzfeed quizzes are always wrong. What I am saying is: I know I’m a confident person. I know that I have gained a MASSIVE amount of confidence over the past 4 years. And I also know why I got “not confident” on the Buzzfeed quiz. It was because I answered the questions like an introvert. I said no, I don’t like socializing, going to parties, talking to large groups of people. No, I don’t have a lot of friends and no I don’t like to leave my house unless it’s a life or death situation. WHY? BECAUSE SPOILER ALERT I AM AN INTROVERT.** And apparently Buzzfeed has a different definition of Introvert than I do. It’s a common mistake that a lot of people make. Let’s figure out why.

*avoiding editing
**I know it was absolutely no spoiler at all because I scream it from the rooftops enough don’t I???