A Video ROOM TOUR Of My Top Secret Lair

I know you've ALWAYS WANTED to see where I live, eat, sleep, breathe, blog, write books, shed tears over said books, and have minor existential crises: MY SECRET LAIR (otherwise known as my bedroom.) And today I'm going to be super nice and grant you that wish. BEHOLD: A ROOM TOUR. 

First, I would like to take a moment to explain: MY ROOM WAS NOT ALWAYS MY ROOM. For the first 19 years and 10 months of my life on planet earth, I shared a room with my sister. IT WAS OFTEN MESSY* AND NOT THE MOST AESTHETICALLY PLEASING THING EVER. But since she got married and moved out (a highly illogical thing to do but whatever) I've conquered this room and redesigned the whole thing and decided to make it my own.  

Just like my blog, the color scheme is teal blue and coral pink, with a little bit of gray and white mixed in. MY ROOM IS MY FAVORITE PLACE EVER and since I redesigned it nobody really sees me anymore. BUT THAT'S OKAY RIGHT. Who needs to see me when I'm creating Stuff™ on my laptop, tucked away in a secret lair?? Answer: NOBODY. GET OUT OF MY FACE. 

*PFFT NO of course I'm not blaming my sister for the mess!! But it's been surprisingly clean since she got married and moved out so???? NOT POINTING THE FINGER THO. (love you Kate kiss kiss hug hug) 

7 WAYS To Make Your Content MORE READABLE (Little MISTAKES That Are Costing You HUGE Results)

We all know about Content™ — a tricky little monster that often enjoys playing hide and seek with us. But the problem with content isn't so much about creating it...it's more about getting people to actually read it. As a blogger, I'm familiar with the struggle of writing a good post and watching it receive little to no interaction. It's a disheartening thing, to say the least. BUT WE CAN FIX IT. 

This isn't a post about how to write better content, nor is it about marketing your blog to reach a wider audience – this is a post about making your ALREADY GOOD content easier to read = getting YOU more pageviews, comments, and friends.* Because you probably already have good content. (Or if you don't GET ADVICE SOMEWHERE ELSE.) Today we're talking about 7 LITTLE TINY THINGS you can change about the way you blog to get more eyeballs on your stuff. LET'S GET STARTED. 

*because LET'S FACE IT that's how bloggers get friends. We write stuff, we post it on the internet, someone reads it and is like hfsklsajdljaskjl BOOM – bffs with a secret handshake because WHO SAYS YOU CAN ONLY HAVE SECRET HANDSHAKES IN REAL LIFE™ 

VLOG: What's Up, October? (New Music Projects + Prepping For NaNoWriMo + Ignoring All My Responsibilities)

I think time flies regardless of whether or not you're having fun. BUT I'M HAVING FUN, MY FRIEND. This summer has been an adventure and a learning curve, but I'm ready for a new season. AND HERE WE ARE STARING FALL IN THE FACE. (I know fall doesn't have a face. That was just a really bad pun.) LET'S GO. 
I'M SO CLOSE to finishing this rewrite. Remember that book I mentioned I had started rewriting about a month ago?? REMEMBER HOW I SAID I WANTED TO FINISH IT BEFORE THE MONTH WAS OVER??? WELL...HAHA....that didn't really happen. But it's okay. I have one more week to finish it before I start REALLY ripping my hair out so. WE'RE ALL GOOD. 

It finally feels like fall here! Yay! Usually I'm not this giddy for the weather to cool down but BRO I HAVE IT IN MY MIND AND I AIN'T FEELING IT OUTSIDE??? Like...it felt like fall for a while now but IT WAS ALSO 90 DEGREES SO WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?? Thankfully, the weather is finally cooling down in VT and I'm excited. IT'S IDEAL – JUST COLD ENOUGH TO DRINK LOTS OF TEA. 

TRANSFORM An Old Manuscript Into A BEAUTIFUL BOOK! (How I Rewrite Novels That Are Complete And Utter Trash)

A few months ago, I did a post called 5 Horrendous Books I Wrote As A Child – which consisted of me laughing at my early writings and also thanking them for giving me much-needed experience.* It's fun to look back at the stories you've written in the past and cringe at how bad they are...but sometimes there's gold hidden in those old stories, too. All you have to do is mine it out. 

I like to think of it like the bookish version of Fixer Upper (otherwise known as the only tv show I EVER WATCH HAHA.) What Joanna Gaines does to an ugly house, I do to a messy manuscript. No matter how rotten, condemned, and falling-apart any house/book is, it CAN be restored to glory! It just requires time, effort, and lots of imagination – but US WRITERS HAVE PLENTY OF THAT, RIGHT?  

Today I'm going to spill all my secrets about my Novel Rewriting Process™. We'll go through it start to finish – from the first and most scary encounter with your worst writing ever to putting the final touches on your novel so that others can enjoy it, too. (Yikes!) I've tried many different methods of rewriting and this method works like none other. SO GRAB YOUR SHIPLAP AND LET'S GO.** 

*btw that post was a tag!! So if you didn't participate already, please do!! It's super fun!!  
**there are going to be SO MANY FIXER UPPER REFERENCES in this post. You've been warned. 

still! can't! get! over! how! pretty! my! macbook! is!


I always hate it when people tell me that I can't do everything. My default answer is: "WHY NOT?" Yes, I'm a bit of an over-committer and an over-achiever. Anybody who knows me also knows this. But that's not my problem, here. My REAL problem is: I have too many interests.  

And I don't just mean hobbies or things I do for fun. I mean I COULD LITERALLY PICK LIKE A DOZEN DIFFERENT THINGS AND MAKE A CAREER OUT OF THEM AND NOT GET SICK OF DOING THEM. I like to call it being "multitalented." If you've been here for any amount of time you've probably heard me talk about this "multitalented" thing before – in fact, my entire mission statement page is devoted to this very topic. Why? BECAUSE IT IS CLOSE TO MY SMALL COLD HEART.  

Here's the thing: I'm a multitalented person. I do lots of different things and a lot of those things I like EQUALLY. In fact, I like them so much, I could explore them forever and not get bored. For some, this might sound like a blessing. But it can also be a curse. Because us multitalented creatives have SO MANY THINGS on our plate, we often find it difficult (or even impossible) to find time to do EVERYTHING. It's like ordering a dozen appetizers instead of a main dish – YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT TO EAT FIRST AND SO YOU END UP EATING ALMOST NOTHING AT ALL.* You might get frustrated at your lack of direction. You might even get envious of the person next to you who is fully focused on That One Thing™ they want to do with their life. Why are they so sure of their desires and you're not sure of yours? Are you indecisive? Do you lack drive? Or purpose? Or simple regard for tRUTH AND CONSEQUENCE???? Let's find out. 

*yes yes I realize that was a bad analogy but I HAD TO TALK ABOUT FOOD OK???